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Sargeant Breaker

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This was a school assignment.
The assignment was to create a commercial for Breaker that would not exceed 30 seconds and made Breaker look a bit tougher 'n more manly 'n all that.

This also means that the use of Breaker is completely legal also since this isn't actually used for commercial purposes and isn't ment to make profit with.

Breaker belongs to a company called Friesche Vlag and is a yoghurty snack with bits of fruit in it.

Length: 30 seconds
Frames: 750
Framerate: 25 fps
Size: 4.049 KB
Dimensions: 768X576
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lol i was listening to Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus while watching this and it sounded awesome XD Only after the vid stopped playing i realised it wasn't a part of this....


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some people aren't cut out for....moving throats.... =p
sadly that's just how it is =p

and i must sadly confess, i am unfamiliar with the song you mention :(
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so why do you think youtube was invented?
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for youtube poop?
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.... WATAAA! (x3)Well...uh... It did make it more manly, Manlier than this wouldn't be possible. He is so manly, catching bullets with his teeth.
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you should see Mushy in his position =p
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hahahha owyeah dude,ik moest lachen ^^ hijs echt nice man.
actie EN humor dusja ik vindt em vet,alleen die gasten in et begin klinken nogal weird.
Verders is ie gwoon awesome.mooi vloeiend geanimeert en goede geluids effecten toegepast al zou ik wel het volume van sommige geluiden wat aanpassen en een achtergrond muziekje mis ik.

Me like it so keep it up ^^
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muziek zou ut verkrachten denk ik zelf.
vooral aangezien alle gratis, rechtenvrije muziek die hier enigszins bij zou passen, allemaal brak is XD

geluiden hoor ik eigenlijk niet echt een probleem mee, welke bedoel je precies?

en de chinezen, blijven precies zoals ze zijn maat :lol:
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ik bedoel zegmar dat die chinese bijv heel hard klinke maar et kan ook aan m'n kotelefoon ligge :P die wil nog wel es et geluid versterke :P
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hmmm....hoor er hier niet echt verschil in met de geluids effecten in volume....

maar de stem van Sarge Breaker zelf zou wel iets harder kunnen nu je er toch over begint :lol:

tnx mate ^^
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de reactie van de eerste chinees is wel beetje vaag xD leuke animatie, maar beetje te agressief voor op tv :P
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geen bloed, alleen breakers :lol:

zo dan:

"No cartoon characters were harmed during the making of this commercial"
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Its not changing the fact that its violent :shrug:
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it's not violent! >.<
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Oh yes, it is. Oh yes.
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goed zo jongen:)
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jaja, ik kan het wel :)
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very very very very very nice :P
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