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Optimus Prime reaches out

By buuteheweun
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Well nog, another Optimus Prime!

Once again started with pencil and paper. Then I digitalized it and chucked it into Flash (coz I'm a mess with lines in Photoshop). I saved it as a png with a transparent background and then chucked it into photoshop.

What I did next, was make a layer beneath it and now I could select each bit in the line layer and colour it in the other, lower layer.

The importing messed up the lines a bit though, it made the lines a bit thin and transparent grey. So I made another layer and put that beneath the line and colour layer and filled it up with black so it would fill in whatever was missing.

I also made a layer all the way at the bottom to put all the colours in that I used so I could easily go back to all the colours I used before.

As a finishing touch, I made a layer on the top and dit all the lighting there.

This is how this illustration was born! :D

Hope you all like it! ^^
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so did i ever mention this is great?
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awwww, thanks :D

well you did now ^^
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Prime is the men uehh i mean bot :p keep up the good work mate
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It be truelly epic, sir.
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thankies :D Epicmus Prime!
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Wow, a lot of work and a beautiful outcome ^_^ I love how it seems as though he's looking out at the viewer.
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thanks, you're too kind ^^

it's good that you feel he's looking out at the viewer, that's how i ment it to be :D
thankies thankies thankies :D :D :D
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you deserve it, with this one.. will still be hard at your next work ;-)
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you're being too kind :D
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you rock! lol the first part went a bit slow.. but you finfished it quite quick, so.. grats! ^^ well done! =D
I have no comments whatsoever on how to make it even better.. so.. mission succeeded I'd say ;-)
of course the subject.. (Prime/transformers) still isn't one I should pick.. =P
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well you did help me fix a few anatomy issues when I was still working on the lineart so you deserve credit for this as my personal advisor ^^

and thanks for the good comment!!! :D
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lol watch it now...no drooling on my deviant :D
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oh and thanks for faving it XD
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