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Mushy goes One Piece

By buuteheweun
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Well erm...this is an idea I got while doing some serious toilet time :lol:

I really like One Piece and I really like my Mushy as well XD
So I thought, why not mix 'm both up?

Well...I did!
I started drawing each character individually, put 'm all in photoshop, gave 'm colour and a nice composition and then added the background of which I'm not quite sure though....

It's the first time ever that I painted a background in Photoshop but hey, make me some suggestions if you got 'm, I can still edit the file :D

The thing I'm mostly not sure about, is the grass....and I'm think that maybe I should've hand drawn the background as well so that it would've fit better with the whole...

Oh well, it's still a great mix!
And I hope you'll all enjoy this as a wallpaper!

Feel free to click "download" for the full sized image (1680x1050) and yes, that's widescreen XD

Oh and of course, a bit of a disclaimer:
One Piece and all of it's characters aren't mine, I didn't create them and am not involved with One Piece in any way.
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how`s the zoro one going to hold the other two swords? :P
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i'd think of something =p
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Gotta catch 'em all! xD
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lol you're gonna be a mushy collector?
i'd better get the others online then XD
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everybody's gotta love mushy :lol:
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blblblblblp! ik wil een paddestoel!

for the english speaking: blblblblblp! ich wolle ein paddestoel! scheisse!
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hihi awsome XD
I looooooove the luffy one
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thankies :D

I really like the Usopp one :D
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Now animate it into a giant "I love you" kind of thing like the original one. That'll surely scare off some people :P
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that's just, way too creepy man :lol:
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Very nice mate =D looking awsome (just don't make creepy movies with them like the origional mushy XD)
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I promise XD though I'm thinking of more Mushy shorts though :lol:
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Hahaha, very nice. I KNOW THOSE GUYS!
Love the drawing style you used here, and the background is fitting ;3 Well done!
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you really think so? :love:

YAY!!! thankies ^^
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