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Klojo in de Dojo

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NOTE: this file, is HUGE! It WILL take some time to load. This may vary from one minute to maybe 15 or even more XD, depending on your connection speed.

This production was done as a school assignment. We were with a group of four as you can see in the credits at the end. Stuff like "the making of" is only on the DVD so you can't view it on my page coz i can't be arsed to upload it :lol:
But it was part of the project so the credits are unaltered.

The group was consistent of the following people:
Samantha van Leeuwen
Ramon Viallé
Danielle van den Wijngaarden :iconstardancer5:
Rien Hommel (that's me XD)

We used a real greenscreen filming studio (small one though =p) and used that for the part in the middle where the fight with NinjaMushy takes place. The parts at the start and end were shot just outside of school and we should've brought a standard for the camera, coz it sure didn't make things any easier XD

After that was done and the greenscreen part was editted to have the 3D modelled Dojo background, I took the three parts and added all the effects and characters in flash. After this was done, I took the three parts, placed them in one flash file, added the ending credits and that's it!

For placement here, I added a replay button at the end, loader at the start and of course a start button =p

Well, I'm sure we all hope you enjoy it!

EDIT: ok so it's taking even longer than expected :lol: I added a loadbar so you can see it's really loading and how far it's loaded. Take your time, get some coffee, it will take a while :D
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hahaha ik moet toch even gleuren;) leuk gedaan hoor
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danku danku, maar twas niet alleen ik he :)
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Ja! Waar is mijn stukje? Je hebt het eruit geknipt! >( =P
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lol dat zit in de making of he XD
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Yhea its very nice :p
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thanks, credits don't only go to me of course ^^
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well done everybody on the team.. good work :|
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thanks, i'll tell everyone you said that ^^
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