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So I was doing a piece on Megatron but whilst doing it was notified about a friend's wedding.

They had an idea for everyone to write a cooking recipe, make it nice and personal (transformers for me =p ) and collect them all to create, sort of a friend's cookbook.

Seeing as Megs was missing his right hand and left arm, it seemed easy enough to modifiy him into Cookatron to support my recipe as an awesome illustration.

The end result, is this!
All hail Cookatron!
Time for some Decepticooking!

Lineart done in Adobe Flash CS4
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© 2009 - 2020 buuteheweun
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That's awesome! xD (can't believe I didn't comment on it yet O_o)

Messa like! And messa would like to see zee colored version! Yes, yes..
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lol thanks XD

but i'm not gonna colour this version...i think =p

i'm gonna finish it in the way i first intended, holding the severed head of the fallen and without cooking appliances and THEN i'm gonna colour it =p

thanks for yer awesome comment ^^
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Gives a whole new meaning to Food Networks' IRON CHEF!!! LOL

~Lady B
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lol, thanks for the comment mate ^^
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Ye be welcome. ;)
Hehehe, that is original. ;)

~Lady B
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cool line art and great details
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thanks mate ^^
took me long enough =p
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whoohoo i like it! i don't mind the eyes, you can put a glow effect there when you colour it
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i'll see what i'll do with it when i get there =)

thanks for the feedback ^^
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Very awesome mecha look thar ;d and tres bien with zee details! You dizerve an applauze non? oui! I am zee french perçon~
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merci, merci!

you're too kind :D
please stay that way :D
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whoo hoo XD I like it, Icanhascookieplz? the hand is very sweet, but you know what I said you should do :P
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seriously, cover every inch of him in those details?
i could grow a beard in that time XD
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I would like to see that :P (ponders, shall I than ask to colour it :P) (ponders again, shall I than ask to have it animated :P )
buuteheweun's avatar
lol i WILL colour it when i've done the serious version lineart =p

i will not grow a beard

aaaaand i might animate it =p
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Oh no! He's going to make evil cookies that will make the autobots explode! I'd never eat a muffin from him..

Very well done! I like the sharp lines and his hand looks sweet! So detailed.

Only comment I have is that I can't see his eyes.. would be nice. But great job ;)
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curses, laura said the same about the eyes =p

i'll change that then for the serious version ^^

thanks for the great positive feedback and the hand is actually something i'm quite proud of, might be the best bit of the illustration :D
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Yes! Leave Megatron, keep the hand! >D
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weeeeeeeeell let's not =p
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Dáwwww :( partypooper
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i'd need prime as a bodyguard 24/7
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