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Bike ride after dark

By buuteheweun
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A little something I made when I was being inspired by something I saw on the interwebs.

It's basically a looping animation of a motorcycle driving at night. Occasionally a lightpost flashes by as an excuse for some lighting effects, all done by hand of course, frame by frame. The dark background gives a nice contrast and brings the lighting more to life.

EDIT: I've been informed that Internet Explorer 8 with Flash player 10 does not properly display the lightposts. I curse the day Microsoft released this version and am working on a solution as we speak.

EDIT: It's been solved and Internet Explorer has been allowed to live...for now...
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Ooo nice (y) but you do know he's riding in the middle of the road? :D
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SHINY! It's awesomesauce :aww: *bows to the master of Flash*
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Looks realy good, love the details, you should make it in daylight also XD , keep up the good work
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lookin' awesome. love the little bump the front wheel makes and ofcours the lighting
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thanks mate :D
i love your little bump too :3
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I love the shiny reflections on the helmet and bike. Great job!
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Awesome! Great job :P
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Its looking awesome ^w^, really like the light effect. And knowing you, you also made the entire motorcycle and person on it in flash ;P?
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yeah I did :blush:
and thanks ^^
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It's looking great ^w^, praise you for doing that all in flash XD
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thanks ^^
appreciated :D

but you're still the better drawer :)
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cool, like the effects a lot, keep up the good work
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thanks mate :)
speaking of keeping up the good work, when are we going to see some of your work again? :)
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this is really nice. Great job and congratulations on your first deviation you've posted this year :D
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damn DA for not having an edit button

I just noticed something. Shouldn't the shadow on the ground be more on the right side of the bike when the lamppost flashes by?

Please don't hate me for noticin' :( :P XD
buuteheweun's avatar
haha, yeah I suppose you're right XD
I did consider stretching it out to match the light source, but I forgot to in the end :O
thanks for pointing that out :)

oh and thanks for congratulating me XD
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no problem, it only took you 10 months to post this since cookatron...

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hahaha, yeah I've been a lazy bastard =p
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The amount of detail in this is amazing. I wish I had your skill at properly placing reflections and blur effects. One day.
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thanks mate, I'm really flattered :)
but really, with a bit of practice and examples I'm sure you can do it as well :)
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