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Beastman concept

By buuteheweun
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everybody's been nagging me for new stuff and really...you have no idea how many people in truth =p

so i came across a quick concept sketch i made in flash for a beastman character i'm planning on using in a series of animations.

obviously it's based on the beastmen from Games Workshops' Warhammer Fantasy.

in short, stfu, here's something new! =p

PS: i noticed deviantart was kind enough to lock the comments i'd like to this bit of work to Critique. obviously you're free in your commenting.
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so i just realised this goatman has a cool goatie!
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goatees ARE cool =p

and thanks =p
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;D I so like his expressions! He looks badass ~
Is he..LEVEL 18?!
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no, his level...IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!

and he may look badass, but he's got two left hands XD
messes everything up =p
i'm gonna do a nice animation about him in the summer holidays :3
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nice to see you're improving at your drawing too :)
well done ^^ I like it.
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i like waffles.
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glad to hear you feel that way, though i'm not entirely sure i can agree with where you are standing on that.

personally, i'm more of a burger man, or perhaps salted popcorn.
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I like the "hmmpf" expression his belt buckle has in the upper right drawing. ^^

animate eeet! nao! >3
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Altho I dont understand the 'you talking to me' expression, since he looks mad and suprised at the same time, I like the character very much ^^ nice joB!!
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hmm, not sure i get the surprised in that...but thanks :)
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well, suppose I'm one of them

feel very welcome here at DA

cool sketch

will stop stalking you and leave you alone

keep up the good work
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nah i'm just nagging, keep up the commenting mate, i actually like it ;) ^^

and thanks :)
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will wait for the animated version!!!
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I'm commenting! Happy?

It looks cool, but I agree with Laura. I would love to see it animated.

I don't think it looks anything like a poodle. =P
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looks nice although the hair makes it look like a bit fluffy like a poodle, maybe a bit more sharper edges on the hair/für to make it a bit rougher? unless its fluffy the beastman poodle :P anyway colour would also give it more non poodle looking :P, I do like the skull detail and the expressions of the beastmen so gj
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yeah i see what you mean.
am thinking of just dropping the back/shoulder furry goodness and sticking with fur on the legs only.

and colouring it...ffs, i just uploaded something to make people stop nagging me for more, and i get TWO people saying i should do MORE XD =p
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You are an Animator you must entertaim the audiance there for animatie be glad we are not complaining you should make a new animation for us(but we will ask soon so be prepared) :)
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you can all bite me =p
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You know I will bite (v,,v)
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yah, right here *points at butt*
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