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Are you a fan of Wreck-It Ralph? Feel free to ask me for it on my profile if you want!

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I love Vanellope so much, because she's my 3rd favorite character~! ^^
Also used~!
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Can't see Vanellope's mouth down. Update to minimize Vanellope's render.
MLPAndyblue's avatar
i love vanellope von schweetz
Ask-Vanellope-Von's avatar
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She's just tooo cute ^-^
GoliathDoesFlash66's avatar
No shit :D
She's so funny
MoonShu's avatar
Using..thank you so much :)
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Why are your hands freakishly big?
Are you a hobo?
GoliathDoesFlash66's avatar
My favorite lines.That,and at the close end of the movie XD
SonicXShadowX's avatar
I lost it when Venellope said
"Are you a hobo?"
SonicXShadowX's avatar
Whats your favourite film?
GoliathDoesFlash66's avatar
It's still Wreck It Ralph.My second is Finding Nemo.

Frozen was too sad for my taste but I still liked it.

Finding Nemo was heart-warming and made me cry in joy.

Wreck-It-Ralph's story was epic and almost every game I ever played is in it.
And the song "When can I see you again" was just heart-warming and made me want to play a video game every time I watched it.I would've laughed my ass off if one of the GTA(Grand Theft Auto) characters or games were in the arcade XD
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