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The button was requested by ~MG64ALT. Feel free to ask me for it on my profile if you want!

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Incels like you love Super Mario 64 because you’re NOSTALGIC for it. Hell, everyone is nostalgic for this stupid ass, TWENTY YEAR OLD piece of shit game which is rotting to death thanks to the millions and millions of old fucks will still play this game!

What’s WORSE, is that you can’t escape from this game on the internet, because everyone and their grandmas reminisce about this game because of how ‘fun’ it is, or ‘how well it holds up.’ OH COME ON!!! You don’t really like this game, you’re just trying to jump on the Super Mario 64 bandwagon so that you can become popular on YouTube and nothing else, LIARS!

Everyone does so much stupid and vapid shit with this game, like mods, speedruns, rumors, memes, and of course, the worst of them all, the ‘can you beat Super Mario 64 without doing one singular thing’ trend! Get a job you DUMB SHIT!

Everyone keeps milking this game so much that there’s nothing left to enjoy about it anymore. Why don’t you losers go play and geek about other better Mario games like Sunshine, Galaxy, Odyssey, or just other video games in general?! But NOPE, you still keep clinging onto this one game because you're all just too IGNORANT and LAZY to even give a flying fuck about any other video game that isn’t Super Mario 64!

To whoever responds to this comment and tells me how butt hurt you feel all because I ranted about your only favorite video game in the whole entire world, well, BOO HOO, Assholes! I’m sorry, actually, no, I’m NOT sorry that I talked shit about Super Mario 64! You can crawl back to your mother’s filthy basements and cry about it like the RETARDED man child you really are!

If it were up to me, I would BURN every single copy of the game and DELETE every single YouTube video that involves it! If that ever happened, it will make my day! But unfortunately, it’s never going to happen, and it’s all because of you IDIOTS refusing to let this game die, and leaving every other single video game to collect dust because they’re nothing like Super Mario 64.

I AM DONE with Super Mario 64, I don’t want to see that game’s shitty face ever again! And go ahead, keep WASTING your pathetic lives on this game because you are all mindless sheep that have nothing better to do! So FUCK you, FUCK this game, FUCK everything!