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Story of Evil Fan Button

The button was requested by ~Patton-Kartelle. Feel free to ask me for it on my profile if you want!

Copy the code and paste it in the description:

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This is awesome! Could you make a Gigantic OTN button? (lol I know that it's a bit of a weird request)
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So you're saying you like big d*cks?  Crying With Laughter Emoji iOS Ver 

Also this account is closed down forever. But another still-active deviantart user makes them. Clicking on the icon below will redirect you to their profile:


That user takes requests.
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Well... I like the song..... XD (A bit too much, I might add)

But thanks for letting me know!
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You're welcome. And if we both like the song do you think that makes us kinda perverted in a way? .: giggle :.  

Fun fact #00: The song Gigantic O.T.N. is basically about Len saying that he is able to seduce BOTH genders 

Fun fact 01: O.T.N. (otin or ochin) both mean the male private area in Japanese.
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I mean, like, I'm SUPER perverted.

I've always known those things about the song, and often times will get some awkward looks from my comrades when I tell them what the song's about and why I like it so much.

I actually have a tab on my school computer open all the time that has the YouTube video for Gigantic OTN on loop so then I can listen to it while I do my classwork.
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The reason why I don't tell my mates that is because:
A: They won't understand
B: I'm like the biggest vocaholic in my college (And I'm also like the one who truly does understand) XD
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Using~ Thank you so much for this :happybounce: :hug:
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shiizuzuuu's avatar using
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i am the fan number 1 of the story of evil :D
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*bursts into a chorus of sobs* u-using... ; H ;
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