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Are you a fan of the game, Sonic the Hedgehog 3? Then use this button! Just copy and paste the following code/s into any widget description on your deviantART page!

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Fun game. Even Knuckles would have turn out to be the villain!

At least he become good in later games.
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Hydrocity for the win! Tails RULES Animation 
Gameinggod1's avatar
I have a genisis it was my papas and after he died we were cleaning out my nanas shed and I found it 😃 it's sad that e passed but it's nice that I got to keep his genisis
I also have sonic 1 2 3 knuckles blast classic mrs PAC man and Alladian
MyhLoka's avatar
I hope he's in Heaven.
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Prince-of-Pop's avatar
I think Sonic 3 is my favourite of all Sonic games, because yeah the fact that Michael Jackson did compose songs in the game.
Ivol-Robot's avatar
One of the best games that I ever played. It may even be my favourite video game ever, period.
RadiantWubs's avatar
Any chance of a Sonic 3 & Knuckles button? :)
Tails-275's avatar
Thats a good game.
Michael Jackson makes the music.
BurningSilverGal's avatar
My childhood lies before me. :icondragonwant:
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