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i want the entire series

That-Gothic-Kitty's avatar
It's not the best spinoff imo from the very few episodes I saw and didn't finish. It didn't have Tails in it yet it had Knuckles from what I read.
hoppingicon's avatar
I thought Sonic Underground was the least attractive Sonic cartoon?
Julayla-64's avatar
While there were some things I would like to see added and changed a bit (like having Sleet and Dingo have some character development too, not just Sonia and maybe Manic), I was glad Sonic Underground existed. It made me appreciate some of the exclusive characters there
Legolord10's avatar
NickyPualani's avatar
Sonic underground was my childhood :')
BING-BICE's avatar
Am I literally the only one who hates this cartoon with a burning passion?
RyanTheRainbow's avatar
Says the guy with the Manic icon XD
BING-BICE's avatar
I was waiting for someone to catch the irony
RyanTheRainbow's avatar
you can't fool my eyes otl.
OtakuFangirl1200's avatar
Goodness my brother was obsessed with this show when he was ten and got me into it too.
InsanityToriel's avatar
Hello everyone

Do you got 411

I've been searching everywhere for this special ladyyy

(Sorry I had too. XD)
NyanRainbowKatz's avatar
I've always loved Sonic Underground!!
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
a23spyro's avatar
Love this show!Meow :3 
AustinWolfDuck's avatar
Sonic Underground is my favorite Sonic show
JUlCY-B0X's avatar
you must have really bad tastes in sonic shows then
JUlCY-B0X's avatar
gee, no fucking shit sherlock
do you want a medal or something?
CrystalCuteHedgehog's avatar
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