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I like that game, I care more about the plot cutscenes than glitches (I don't see any). Video Game plots are more important to me. At least Rise of Lyric doesn't have a stupid lazy annoying human princess.
Daidek's avatar
This is a stamp?
Mariocrashfan12's avatar
I like this game, not the best, but average in my opinion. That is all.
AprilShine03's avatar
:star:I really like this game! :heart:
mostly because of the cute German voice actors tho--
DareNKnight's avatar
I actually like this game.
Channeleven's avatar
figured you would.
DareNKnight's avatar
Icon kind of gave it away, huh? :D
SonicZeldaFangirl's avatar
MegatronDX's avatar
Wished the game was better.......
violetthebat1's avatar
it and the show could've been...
FloofPuppy's avatar
I am actually tolerant with this game. Yes it does have flaws but is it WORSE than Sonic 06?
TOTAL exaggeration.
FloofPuppy's avatar
True, but 06 still plays worse than Boom. And at least Boom had a patch.
Helloworld176's avatar
Rise of lyric was being developed on a game engine which was not compatible with the Wii U. People complain that big red button screws up the game, it wasn't, it was Sega fault they only told brb at the last moment of the platform
Helloworld176's avatar
I think I feel pretty glad I still and only own the original Wii. Im wating for certain Sonic games to be launched for the Xbox One. Why do people attack the Xbox but not the Wii. Sonic Boom and a few other games are hated for the Wii, The games you get for Xbox are awesome, but the console is underated, ironic much???
FloofPuppy's avatar
True, but I have run into too many.
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