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Sonic Archie Comics Button (UPDATED)

The 2nd button was requested by AmericanSonicFTW. Then use this button!

Just copy and paste the following code into any widget description/bio on your deviantART page!

Current button (you can now see it):
<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

Original button from 2012:
<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
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well, i'm actually more a fan of before-SGW part of the comic; I loved all the zones stuff and many of my favorite characters banished because of that (and Ken Penders too, ugh)
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I faved, because I'm gonna use this!
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I love the comix. I read 'em everyday.

I love Sonic and Sally, but some times Archie Comix just make it too insane, like that part where they just kissed for no reason in an issue before Sal got robotisized.
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I actually have a love/hate relationship with Archie
Love: Scourge is my favorite character ^u^
Hate: Sonally bullshit -_-
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I sorta like the comics,the issue 200-today ones are amazing
in the old ones,Sally is a mary sue .-.
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I'll be usin' this ^^ I loved them.

((If you hate the comics, don't view the button. Simple.))
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((because screw allowing people to provide their own opinions, while we fans get to bash the haters however we please. LOGIC))
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I'm just saying, why waste your time seeking out buttons and stamps made for the fans to complain about the negative effect it had on you. Why not pay attention to things that make you happy and not mad?

It's a fan button. Not one for those that hate the material it's based around.

I am not bashing. Those who are commenting on the FAN button about the "terrible" series are bashing. All I said was not to seek out positive stamps just to complain. That's not bashing, that's advice.
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Freedom of speech. Also, the fans are notable for doing the same thing with the haters.

Yet that never stopped most people from commenting opposing opinions.

Again, the fans are kinda guilty with the same thing.
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Though there is Freedom of Speech, some things aren't necessary.

I did not bash haters in the comment. I questioned the act of searching for things you hate that others do like just to get angry and insult it and gave advice that is to everyone's advantage. Look for things you like. You'll feel better. Others will.

I used to be just as hateful, believe me. I started ignoring the series, ships, and characters I did not like, and began to even pay more attention to their pros. I feel much more happy and relaxed. I'm just giving advice to others that worked for me.
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It applies to either side.

I'm just saying fans bash most haters in general.

I understand. However, I was only referring to the devoted fans who basically heckle the haters when they've tried to stay on their own turf.
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I see. And I can probably believe you as well.

I'm just saying; there is a time and place for certain things, and usually fan creations are not the places for hate.
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I LOVE SALLY,S REDESIGN TO DEATH! I don't like the Archie comics but I can respect your opinion :)
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Archie Sonic is a womanizer.Facepalm2 
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