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The button was requested by ~AmericanSonicFTW. Feel free to ask me for it on my profile if you want!

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It's a nice couple, but I kinda only ship it in the Sonic SatAM canon. I've never read any of the comics, but I heard Sally apparently cheated on Sonic with a skunk and a monkey in the Archie canon. 
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Got to Collect it!
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People Who Is A Sonally Fan That Is Not An Amy Hater
4xEyes1987's avatar
I made another button like this without even knowing this existed! lol
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Sadly is not canon anymore,Sega does not allow Archie to ship Sally with Sonic anymore,and i understand why Sega has done this move. XDD
And it is good that Sega has made this move,so Sonally fans would stop being smartasses just because their ship is /was canon and Sonamy not.(Even though Sonally was only canon in Archie and this boring cartoon,who is not linked or canon to the games)
Sonic2125's avatar
Well it's still 100% canon in Sonic Satam
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What?! Sonally is not canon anymore? How sad. :( Well, that's Sega's choise, and I respect it. It's like Michael Dante DiMartino and Brian Konietzko chose to make Korrasami canon. But I don't care, I ship it! ;)
Tails-and-Silver-Fan's avatar
Sonally is not more canon in Archie because of SEGA Mandates, but is still canon in Sonic Satam.
sugilita's avatar
I have discovered that someone from Archie made this choice in order to make the comics closer to the game canon. :(
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TobyandMavisforever's avatar
This is my top couple of the franchise.
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Sonally is a cute couple, but the fans suck
Tails-and-Silver-Fan's avatar
Eu não acho Sonally cute, eu acho Sonally um pouco estranho. Mas ainda assim eu gosto um pouco.
SparklyStarLights's avatar
Eu não gosto mais de Sonally, vejo eles como irmãos xD
Tails-and-Silver-Fan's avatar
Eu vejo assim para Sonamy. Para falar a verdade, eu gosto mais do Sonic sozinho.
SparklyStarLights's avatar
Tambem vejo o Sonic e a Amy como irmãos, e eu tambem prefiro o Sonic sozinho
Tails-and-Silver-Fan's avatar
Você ainda está gostando dos couples?
SparklyStarLights's avatar
mais ou menos, de vez em quando sim e de vez em quando não
Tails-and-Silver-Fan's avatar
Eu estou shipando, mas por enquanto. Ultimamente estou olhando a fanbase de Shadouge e até agora encontrei poucos fanbrats. Mas eu vi que alguns Shadouge Fans gostam de fazer o Knuckles de idiota e ainda dizem que ele tem de ficar com a Master Emerald. Estúpidos Shadouge Fanbrats. Veja o que a RougeChao fez ->…
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