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By ButtonsMaker
The button was paid 5 :points: by ~FlyingFlutterSquid. If you want a button, feel free to ask for one on my profile!

Just copy and paste the following code into any widget description/bio on your deviantART page!

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
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Xerex-Kai's avatar
I remember watching this... good times
astralbitch's avatar
i watched this when i was 10....
i was so terrified!
MyLittleMiraculous's avatar
In the end I was like "OGM this is so violent and terrible but.... WTF Fluttershy?"
astralbitch's avatar
same. i was so terrified xD
astralbitch's avatar
i had nightmares about it too
DaMLPComicMastah's avatar
It looked like some piece of shit but nah this was an awesome revenge...
kittenlover330's avatar
SonichuFag444's avatar
I am a sick fuck and I am somewhat proud of it.
Purple44Bonnie's avatar
Come on everypony, smile, smile, smile!
Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine!
All i really need's a smile, smile, smile!
From these happy friends of mine!
MimigaLord's avatar
I agree! Come on everypony! Smile or shell go back to the Super Saiyan you're F***ed mode!
phaedrawolf222's avatar
You know smile hd could make a good creepy pasta
DarkspineSonicRankA's avatar don't understand creepypastas.
EmperorSchmuck's avatar
I wish the actual show was more like this.
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