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No Ads Fan Button!

By ButtonsMaker
For anyone who don't like ads... on any websites.

Just copy and paste the following code into any widget description/bio on your deviantART page!

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
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SoulForGyroMan-XOXO's avatar
I might be late as hell, but I'm glad those ads are gone and done for this site. They had viruses and if you did have a system mechanic of used it, then your asking for trouble. McAfee or Norton wasn't good enough. 

Now the way how assholes here act is getting worst and took the place of the nasty ads. 
khamisabdi's avatar
ads are the most worst things on earth, some ads can be good.
SoulForGyroMan-XOXO's avatar
You missed it a few years back.  Back in the early to mid 2010's those ads here had viruses on them. 
khamisabdi's avatar
ohhhhh, i didn't know that
Nala452's avatar
The worst ads are from pornhub.
They literally don't make sense
" this game makes you cum"
"Jerk your joystick to free adult games!"
I saw one that was a cursed ad.
It was a huge ass penis going DOWN TWO FEET in a woman's mouth
Nala452's avatar
Wait you watch pornhub
Nala452's avatar
That woman in that commercial is probably dead cause the penis choked her and expanded her mouth too much
SMemeG4's avatar
*bangs fist on desk really hard* I HATE ADS!
xXxKandiixXx's avatar
Buttons maker is now dead so they can't do new requests.
LegendaryPlatinum's avatar
Ima just say dis buuuuuuut,

KirbyGuy87's avatar
I always get the Same Ad over and over again first was the Orman for Kansas one now it's the Paul Davis ad from HELL
KirbyGuy87's avatar

UPDATE: This is an outdated comment as it was from nearly three years ago lol

Amanda4778's avatar
I hate ads. 😡
SonicBoomFan14's avatar
Ads can suck my dick because I'm sick of unskippable ads, game or website, it doesn't matter

Yes. I’m sick of them, too.

PaulYoung65's avatar
CollinMagney's avatar
I don't mind ads if they don't get too in the way of my browsing or don't look way too freaky.
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