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Minions Fan Button

The button was paid 5 :points: by ~MSN1412. If you want a button, feel free to ask for one on my profile!

Just copy and paste the following code into any widget description/bio on your deviantART page!

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
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I feel like ur trying to assault me

It’s working
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:iconsuper-flamin-angel:, this is super nifty!
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This comment section is hilarious. 
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Screw those bloody yellow idiots
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Hello, as you can see i'm cancer. A meh, to be exact. Anywho, it's my pleasure to announce, our first and last movie. Yay. It's almost too thrilling for words. So bring the bleach. Doesn't have to be your bleach. The Worst Moive. So I told management, I can't work like this. These lights, i'm melting in here. This is such a load of-- Uhhhh.... No, go ahead, finish dat boi. Come out and light yourself on fire this August. I'm positively dead inside right now. I might have to go lay down forever.
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im actually hearing voices that are saying cancer to me in my head
i need sleep
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permission to use this one please?
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I don't get what's wrong with these.
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no minions are cancer
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Minions rule!!! 
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I love it ! :D
Using! ^^
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This is a funny comment section. XD
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 Using! be doo be doo be doo  Yay  Whaaat  Ooooh  Minion - free icon  Free to use Minion Icon  Rainbow Minion  WHAAAAAAT? (Chat Icon) 
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I'm a huge fan of these guys but I don't hate them~! I'm just tired of seeing them everywhere~!
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