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The button was requested by ~PrincessDaisyRocks10. Feel free to comment on my page if you want!

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Forever the number 1 OTP!! Some can argue they're not compatible but seeing is believing they are!! The majority knows it, haters deny it but they a thing together!

Also would like to add is Daisy's got a petition to help her be in main games, if interested to sign, do!…

Help spread the word out
SuperToni14's avatar
Best couple ever! HANDS DOWN!!!
RedFalconRanger's avatar
Luigi and Princess Daisy FTW. :) Who's with me?
eyancy010's avatar
nice but I'm more of a Luigi fan. His fanbase are way nicer.
mrbill6ishere's avatar
SuperYoshiFanKoopa's avatar
This is my opinion I hate this couple
JeffersonFan99's avatar
Personally, I used to hate it, but now I think it's decent as I respect your opinion.
GoliathDoesFlash66's avatar
Ah, yes.

Love this couple, although It needs more.......attention, as you would say.
TotallyDeviantLisa's avatar
This couple needs more attention and development! :)
SonamyPrincess's avatar
Its a cute pairing. 
Sunshineluigi's avatar
 I'm sorry but I like :iconrosalinaplz: :iconlove: :iconluigiplz: WAY better than :iconluigiplz: :iconlove: : :iconprincessdaisyplz:
JeffersonFan99's avatar
I like both equally.
Sunshineluigi's avatar
I forgot all about this comment lol man good times 
1RockGirl121's avatar
Hey, everyone has they're own opinion :D
CrystalisZelda's avatar
Nobody cares! Why did you even comment here? To piss Luiasy fans?
Sunshineluigi's avatar
No to express my opinion 
CrystalisZelda's avatar
But you don't see Daisy fans saying stuff like that.
Sunshineluigi's avatar
But you don't see anti daisy fans making daisy hate clubs because they hate daisy
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