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Garfield Fan Button

The 5th button was requested by ~rainbowkitty777. Feel free to ask me for it on my profile if you want!

Copy the code and paste it in the description:

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
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<da:deviation width="386" id="331331524">

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I hate garfield, he ate my Lasagna
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That happens to everyone.

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garfield is the best proud owner
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Can you make a Fan Button of "All Dogs Go to Heaven"?
GarfieldArbuckle's avatar

Dogs do not go to heaven.

ShaneALF1995's avatar
I mean the Movie.
GarfieldArbuckle's avatar

Dogs still do not go to heaven.

ShaneALF1995's avatar
Here is a Trailer to help you understand about the Movie.…
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What I am saying has nothing to do with that movie.

Its just Me stating my opinion as a joke.

I am Garfield the CAT I hate dogs.

I understand that you were talking about the movie.

You are taking this to seriously.

Please I'm to lazy to keep replying to these.

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No I'm not.
Here's a Fan Button that I was asking ButtonsMakers, about.
But it was Wolfgangar who made for me.…
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Please leave me alone.

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Garfielf you fat cat why are you so boh and fat why are you so fat
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i eat jon is what i do!
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I absolutely love Garfield 
NoOreoForu's avatar
I'm like him. I love lasagna. I hate Monday's. I love cats.
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I used this awesome Garfield button!! 3
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