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Are you a fan of Frozen? Then use this button! :nod:

Just copy and paste the following code into any widget description/bio on your deviantART page!

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First time seeing this movie, wow. Can I say something crazy? I love crazy!
Wildcat1999's avatar
Not gonna lie, I like this movie.
Luluishh's avatar
The film is good itself. The attention ruins it.
Aerontyx's avatar
"Frozen" is overrated >->;
Madame-Mozart's avatar
honestly I really liked this movie, I mean the animation is nice, the designs/scenery are beautiful, and it was made by flipping DISNEY come on
i just think it's a tad bit overrated, it really didn't deserve the overwhelming amount of praise that is still probably continuing to this day
and don't get me started on "let it go" being sung a million times gosh
xXkoopafanXx's avatar
Even tho it's overrated and some people either ship other characters from different fandoms with some characters in the movie or ship a character in it with another character in it and that ship either is wrong or makes no sense,I still liked it. ^^
lag-roil's avatar
I've just rewatched it for the fifth time tonight.
Toonstorm96's avatar
i like that movie
lag-roil's avatar
Never seen it yet, but I love it anyway.
lag-roil's avatar
UPDATE: I have now, and I still love it. That was the first time I've ever been brainwashed by Disney. It literally took me like a snowstorm or avalanche.
jassiecat600's avatar
Love it! Using! Frozen is my favorite Disney movie! 💜
Using, but I don't know why people hates this movie...
lag-roil's avatar
I know it's overrated, but I <3 it too.
AustinWolfDuck's avatar
SonamyPrincess's avatar
I think this movie has been getting too much hate lately. I'm glad to find more people who still like it. 
PrincessPeachFan2002's avatar
Frozen most definitely has been getting far too much hatred these days.
FreeXheart657's avatar
I always loved this movie :D but I don't care if people hates it :|
lag-roil's avatar
Always loved it? It only came out in 2013.
CallMeBlackBeauty's avatar
What a beautiful button :)
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