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Flappy Bird Button

By ButtonsMaker
Do you love Flappy Bird? Then use this button!
Do you hATE FLAPPY BIRD!?!!!1!? Then use this button!
Just copy and paste the following code into any widget description/bio on your deviantART page!

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

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rockstarcrossing's avatar
I hate that game. Boring. lol. Play Farty Butt.
AngelTheCyborgPanda's avatar
I like that game and I'm using it.
adagiodazzlestar's avatar
I really think this game is estressing,but i really like this this game, in few words using!!
GoliathDoesFlash66's avatar
SkaroSong's avatar
PewDiePie 2014
dakiavis's avatar
I actually like Flappy Bird. It's a good way for me to de-stress from one thing, then get stressed from Flappy instead. xD
TohruRedButterfly's avatar
 all the comments are full of hate and its great
MCloverSonic's avatar
Much hate

So pipes

Very raging

So flappy

Much bird


FluttersDreams's avatar
I hate Flappy Bird but I still use it. XD
AsianLeo's avatar
I hate this game.
Though, it's so addicting... :)
It reminds me of a paddleball.
spacebae's avatar
FLAPPY BIRD :DDDDDD I want to throw my I-pod when I play this...
BobLuvFlappy5Ever's avatar
wow such nice button I will use! thank you for saying how to in description! I love flapy bird if you canot tell because username! thank you! <3
Xxnightwing826xX's avatar
Want a flappy bird clone that will make you rage? If so get Flappy meow. Yes I tried it and its hard
Xxnightwing826xX's avatar
BadTimeAnimation's avatar
my sister plays this game and my cats make her looze
FlyingNeko105's avatar
They deleted it from the App Store and replaced it with Splashy Fish which is the same thing with a fricken fish
Snivyguy80's avatar
R.I.P Flappy Bird. =(
alfightciaoshaolinx's avatar
Yay! I gonna used this! :v
deleteuser1's avatar
What a crazy button... o_0
MLPFiMRox's avatar
OH MAH GAH lololololol
orangeei's avatar
I still haven't found my berries
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