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The button was paid 3 :points: by ~IsmaelHedgehog. Feel free to ask me for it on my profile if you want!

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I still sing the theme song tell this day...whenever I watch it I sing it... I wish they can air it know what I wish cartoon network can have a throwback type of this. Where one day out of the week they show old tv shows like this.
Lyokian for life.
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I can sing the short version of the intro in one breath 
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their intro is top quality
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They took da show out my last source of watching it was this weird thing called Kabillion and DEY TOOK THE SHOW AUT AND REPLACED IT WITH SOM SHIT
midnightlunarose's avatar
i wish i could have gotten kabillion. I can't understand why they took it off cartoon network completely after the last episode aired. It's not even on boomerang whcih is ridiculous. It's like the show never existed. You can't even find any episodes in HD quality on the internet.
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In Odd's Voice: YEAH!! Where is it now? We need it back. CURSE YOU KABILLION FOR REMOVING THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Can I use this?
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Fan 4 Life + Used
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I love this show! XD
Totally using this! :)
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I didn't know you had a button of this! :0

This was such a big part of my childhood and it was such an amazing show ;_; I wish I could watch it again but they stopped playing it
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I know I'm a few months late, but look up CodeLyoko on YouTube. He even has the music from the DS game.
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Oh my gosh, thank you <3
xPikachu13's avatar
You're welcome :)
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huh ...... i was not seen was have to paid them i was taken in my proffile then i was delete them when i see i have to paid to use it!
sorry i am really sorry :(
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