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OfficerSatou29's avatar
My childhood anime!!!! I LOVE YOU CONAN!!!
Drocellsdoll's avatar
I think Im in heaven :iconawwwplz:
Elenels's avatar
...What? THIS anime is called "Case closed"?

The title "Detective Conan" is better u_u
Manic-32's avatar
Case Closed is what I grew up with. Lol.
Elenels's avatar
I grew up with this anime too, lol. :heart:
But I didn't know its name in the USA was Case Closed °^°
In my country the title is Detective Conan C:
Manic-32's avatar
I see. Well, not only did Funimation change the title. But also the names of some of the characters. Like Shinichi became Jimmy and Kogoro was changed to Richard.
When I stated watching the original, I had a really hard time getting use to their real names. Lol.
Elenels's avatar
Wait, what? D: "Jimmy"!? çAç But... but it's such a horrible name for my dear Shinichi! ;;
In the italian version the names of the characters are all in japanese. They did just a very little change for Kogoro: in the italian versionh he's called "Goro". :I
LoidNerdy101's avatar
Can't deny that Jimmy is a good way to rename Shinichi without completely butchering the job.
Manic-32's avatar
Wow. Only Kogoro? That makes the American version look like they went name change crazy then. Lol. Even the Detective Boys become the Junior Detective League.
I understand why dialog has to be changed sometimes. But I'll never understand why they'll change a character's name.
And Goro? That makes me think of Mortal Kombat btw. xD
Sergeplex's avatar
Thank you!
love it ^^
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