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Alright everyone, I give you a tutorial for the button code! :la: so here there we gooooo!

Button Code Tutorial:

<<i></i>a href="deviantART link"><i<i></i>mg src="IMG link"/><<i></i>/a>

deviantART link example:

IMG Link example:
(Right click > Open image in new tab)

To stop the code from glitching and making a shortened link, add <i></i> or <b></b> or <s></s> or <u></u> between any two letters in the 'http' part of the button links.

Like what I did:

(both deviantART link and IMG link)

Enjoy and hope this will be helpful...!
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how do you get to make art tho?

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This was absolutely no help. No offense.

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PLEASE HELP ME I AM GETTING CONFUSED!  Momo Hibiki Fan by Momo-Hibiki  
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I have removed the draft since I gave up. But of anyone could help me make a button function, it would be really appreciated
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…..OMG I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR ONE OF THESE!~ Thanks a lotta!~ ^^
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I'm so stupid. I don't understand :(
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Don't worry, it's not your fault. This just doesn't work.

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How can i do this with an IPad Air 2?
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The link keeps coming up to images-wixmp-ed30a86b8c4ca8877…

How can I prevent that from happening, & change it to the one at the bottom
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Whoever ships Candace and Stacy together are most likely turbospergs.
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Dam, i need a back to the future fan button
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It didn't worked :(
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Sry it's not working, isn't very useful ^.^
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does anybody know if theres a playstation 4 fan button?? 1 i play games on PS4 and 3  but i need a playstation 4 fan button and thats 2
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I Need help because i'm, trying to make My Monsters inc OC Lucy fan button 
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