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Annoying Orange Fan Button

By ButtonsMaker
The button was paid 5 :points: by *TheJayster49. If you want a button, feel free to ask for one on my profile!

Just copy and paste the following code into any widget description/bio on your deviantART page!

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>
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© 2013 - 2021 ButtonsMaker
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It's kinda lonely in here all by myself. Hey, what's that? Whoa, that was fun. Hey, you're an orange! Hey, you're an orange! I'm an orange! I'm an orange! That's what I said! That's what I said! Hey! Hey, Orange! Wanna hear a joke? Okay! Why'd the chicken cross the... Hey! Hey, Orange! What? Why did the orange go blind? Huh? Because he was low on Vitamin See! Hey, I was telling jokes! Get it? Vitamin See? Hey! Hey, Orange! What did the orange say before he went to work? "Back to the rind!" Hey, that's my joke! Hey! Hey, Orange! How many oranges does it take to screw in a lightbulb? What was that? I was in the middle of telling a joke and then you just...  Ooh! There was a little pulp in that one! What is wrong with you? I think I'm a little ripe! Oh yeah? Well I bet you can't do this! Oh, anybody can do that. Watch! Told you I'm ripe. You're annoying. No I'm not, I'm an Orange! Well you're... Hey! Hey, Orange! Why did the orange fall out of the tree?  Cause you're stupid? Cause he went out on a limb! I'm so funny, I tell the best jokes in the world! Hey, Orange! What? What is it, Orange? Knife! Hey, Orange! Way to go, you've got lots of guts! Get it? Guts? Ahh, that's a lot better, piece and quiet. Hey, what are you doing? Hey! Watch out. Whoa! Ah! Geez! Hey! No! Another orange! Hey, it's another orange! Hey! Another orange! Hey, Orange! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Hey It's an orange! Right over there! Hey! Guess What!? Chick-in Butt?
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AO = Awesome

Just a shame it went downhill for me after 2012.

OMG! It will have its 10th anniversary next year!
RedheadXilamGuy's avatar
No. Just.... no. This button never should've existed!! I seriously don't understand the appeal to the Annoying Orange!!
Jamison1209's avatar
😂 If you don't understand it, then why are you looking at it then?
Stickythefireband's avatar
The Annoying Orange laughing hey hey skeleton hey!
The Annoying Orange laughing KNIFE!
 sans serious what? do you think that i was gonna stand here and take it?
OfficialBLU's avatar
"You're an apple" - Annoying Orange, ???-2016
RainbowRaveHappyAppy's avatar
how much would it be to have a happy appy fan button made?
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Hey Hey Button! Button Hey! 
TristantheWOYFan2's avatar
Make a Pear Midget Apple and Marshmallow fan button!
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