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The button was paid 3 :points: by ~RavenVillanuevaT2P. Feel free to ask me for it on my profile if you want!

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Totally using this!
I love Layla/Aisha!
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She's my fav next to stella
TheIcyGlaceon's avatar

Omg same!!!


For me:

1. Stella

2. Aisha

3. Musa (ish only sometimes because she can be really mean to Riven, my favorite specialist guy ;-;)

Kittylives08's avatar
Yeah I don't like musa that much because of that. It's enjoying.
TheIcyGlaceon's avatar

Someone who FINALLY gets the winx characters like I do!

I hate how people say crap like "Riven's abusive" and "Riven's a jerk"

Well, he's had a bad past, I at least show some sympathy towards him ;-;
Kittylives08's avatar
Exactly what I was thinking.
TheIcyGlaceon's avatar

But seriously Riven is freaking hot.

He's a bad boy, and I love that!!

Just because he's a bad boy, that doesn't make him abusive.
Kittylives08's avatar
I know. Me and my cousin were discussing that. I hate how musa thought he was cheating when she saw him with the girl who tought him how to play guitar.
TheIcyGlaceon's avatar


You know, if she weren't the terrible person she was, I'd actually forgive her for suspecting him.

But I can't, you know why?


Because she's a complete FREAKIN' HYPOCRITE!!


To Musa, you have the nerve to accuse Riven, who absolutely loves you, of cheating, when you missy have cheated not once, but TWICE on him?

Jason Queen? Andy? Seriously?


And then you think some lady teaching him guitar is some girl he's cheating on you with?

Wow... sometimes I don't know.

But I wish I was in the Winx Club so that I could knock some sense into Musa :grump:

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Her original name is Layla..
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I thought that too but her original name is Aisha, it's just that most European countries changed it to Layla. I think Layla is so much better.
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no her Italian name is Aisha which is the original version of the show :) 
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