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Not an AOSTH fan? That's no good!
TianaIgbedion's avatar
Stephen-Fisher's avatar
using it!

SnooPINGAS usual i see!
XxRobotChaoxX's avatar
PINGAS, enough i say!
killfootsforshoes88's avatar
wont blame you for the pingas joke (damn 2009)
TheMaskedQuilava's avatar
Growlie26's avatar
This was fun to watch. 
Nennai's avatar
Aww yeah, that's way past cool!
OrageSpark's avatar
sonic-tails12345's avatar
I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG best tv quote ever
glovannas's avatar
snooPINGAS usual I see?
Prince-of-Pop's avatar
I loved it of all Sonic franchise shows is the best. Because I love the hilarity of Pingas Robotnik "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!"Pingas Robotnik  gag.
Ace66062's avatar
The origin of PINGAS! Pingas Robotnik  I love it!
Child-Of-Hades's avatar
"If someone touches you in a way that makes YOU feel uncomfortable- THAT'S NO GOOD!" XD I'm sorry but the main thing I remember most from this show is the "Sonic Sez" bit about molestation- I mean, it was cool that they were encouraging victims to speak out and stand up for themselves, but you gotta' admit it just kinda' jumped at you from out of nowhere (kinda' like the whole "PINGAS" meme, I swear Robotnik's voice actor knew exactly what he was doing when he read the line like that lol)
GBA64's avatar
Sonic and Tails had just the cutest brotherly relationship in show. :)
MysticChaosEmeralds's avatar
yaaaaaaaayyyy!!!!!! i love this show so much x3
Tachiagaru's avatar
Haha i remember that show, although i watch all of sonic x before i even knew about this one, also the one when sonic has a brother and sister....i don't remember what that one was called though..
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