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He’s gonna take you back to the past.

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To play the sh*tty games that suck ass.

What a good show.

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He’d rather have a buffalo take a diarrhea dump in his ear!

Yes indeed!

MRRStudios's avatar
- He would rather eat, the rotten *sshole, of a road-killed skunk, and down it with beer!.

I practically saw the whole series in one sitting.

jallroynoy's avatar

He’s the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard!

Me too! I’ve probably watched every episode more than once by now.

AVGN>pretty much every other YT series I’ve seen.

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He is the Angry Nintendo Nerd!

Doug Walker screwed up after creeping on Sailor Moon*, making Pop Quiz Hotshot and To Boldly Flee
( To Boldly Flee wins the award for the biggest dumpster-fire of a B-Series film).

* Sleepy (Mad Bull 34) might shoot Doug Walker in a future SFT entry, defending Sailor Moon.
jallroynoy's avatar

He’s the angry Atari-Sega Nerd

If I’m being honest, I haven’t seen much NC. I watched a but, but wasn’t as into it as AVGN.

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He is the Angry,

Evidence of Doug's screw-up by our minion-hating guy, Ralph Sepe:

To Boldly Flee is 3 hours and a half long, with that time, I could rewatch either half of the series of Neon Genesis Evangelion or Redline twice.
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Tbh, my friend Tim and I actually thought the movie was pretty good. However, it seems like during the production of it, and afterwards, the channel has gradually gone downhill, and 2019 seemed like a nosedive for it. Thankfully, the Raid 2020 episode was actually good, and as a way to make sure the series stays good, lets start a campaign called #MakeAVGNGreatAgain.

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It's proof that Jesus died in vain and legally changed his middle name to "F|_|(\<!|\|G"! The only thing I can think of to use these things for is to wipe your a$$ with it!!! You might as well save that toilet paper, it's worth a whole lot more!
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You know playing these games is as worthwhile as melting a dog turd on a frying pan
yeah put some buffalo puke and some cat piss all over it and you have a shit sandwich that is zelda cdi, this game fucking sucks CRASH Fucking sucks CRASH fucking sucks CRASH oh and the Mario game yeah that one sucks too Cdi sucks!.
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"Man, Fuck this game- oh wait! Don't fuck it, don't let your friends fuck it either! It's unfuckworthy!"
Jokerfan79's avatar
I'd rather stand in a ring of monkeys as they pelt me to death with their own a*al waste
Man Fuck this game fuck it to hell fuck it to oblivion fuck it to damnation of mankind! 
Animdude6-Fowa's avatar
A then my gym teacher gets triggered after hearing this sentence.
Jokerfan79's avatar
Do you know which episode the quote I wrote is from?

I love watching the angry video game nerd 
Animdude6-Fowa's avatar
AVGN's review on Dragons Lair on NES.
Jokerfan79's avatar
That's one of my favourite episodes from the series
TheTimeTraveler's avatar
Really awesome!!! Nice! ^_^
KarolRoseArts's avatar
I rahter to shove cactus up my ass (from episode Bible Games 1)
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*Looks at huge-ass box* Because it's a pile of fuckin' shit!
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