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Same mirror - same place - different orphan

I'm sorry for uploading something sad today, but I had this idea a few days ago and just had to draw it. I don't even know if my bubbly drawing style is suitable for a drawing like this, and I had to change the style for Ted's body a bit to get it right, but I still like it a lot and hope you enjoy it too.

I thought that maybe Teddy Tonks found the Mirror of Erised one night and found himself - unknowingly - just in the same place as Harry had been so many years before. I can imagine that the sadness of his loss simply overwhelms him and makes his hair go the same mousy brown his mother's showed while she was heartbroken.

But I'm also sure that Teddy can not be let down for long, and eventually the pride of what his parents did for the wizarding world and the love and care of his friends get him all turquoise again. :heart:

Edit: to the person who posted this to tumblr [link] - THANKS! I can't believe it got such an incredible amount of notes (and they are still counting up like crazy!). This really means a lot to me.

Edit 2: I fixed Remus' face a bit - put up his eyes a little higher so he looks more mature, and not like he's happily smiling down at his devastated son. My intention was for both of them to look happy, just like Teddy would like them to be. After all, it's his heart's wish that the mirror shows.
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This is amazing. Really heartbreaking, and the parallels are just...wham. The way you've captured Teddy's grief with how his body is positioned is superb too.

And I did see it on tumblr first, so I'm glad it got posted there too!
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Heart wrenching, but I love it so much.
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why?! beautiful painting  but agufkihog!! T_T
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Hey, I did a cosplay shoot based in this drawing and I thought you might like to see it! I don't know if you have a tumblr but it's here:…
Thanks so much for the inspiration and the heart-wrenching art!
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Wow this is amazing, thank you so, so much!!! :D :heart:
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This is so powerful. Wonderful job. <3
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I bet he would be sad... But he had so many adult role models growing up, and friends, I'm sure he would be happy. Great pic!
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buuu T-T
nice drawing though
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I think one of the major differences I would see between these two was that Harry had literally NEVER seen his parents before he came across this (he got the photo book at the end of that book.) He had never known anyone who had known his parents when he found the mirror except a handful of people and even then, it's not like they gave him a huge account of what they had been like. Plus it was, of course, his entire family he saw and not just his parents in the mirror. ^-^

Teddy would have grown up knowing his parents faces, knowing their personality and their heroic deeds.

This is still a positively heart breaking but also heartwarming picture because he could see himself actually being with his parents. Getting his hair ruffled by his dad as his mom makes her hair match his or something when they're bored.
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts! :heart: You're absolutely right.
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Lol. Sorry. In hindsight, that actually seemed kind of rude. x.x
Still a super good picture.
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Rude? Why? I didn't perceive it as that, no worries :)
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Awesome. It was just, it's one of those kind of comments that doesn't NEED to be said, which is why I said I felt it was kind of rude. ^-^
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haha no, I love hearing other people's opinions on Harry Potter stuffs :D
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Well awesome. I'm always happy to talk about Harry Potter!!
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Heartbreaking, and your lovely and cheerful style makes it more so. ç___ç But really well drawn. Thanks for sharing!!
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Really good. Sad, but good. The watercolors look great too! :D
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Why must you hurt me like this
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:sad: :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:  nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Teddyyyy! I loved Remus.... so why did he (and tonks) need to DIEEE! nuuuuuuu!
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Nope. Lupin and Tonks didn't die. i'm still in denial. They're both alive and Teddy still has parents. they're a happy family.
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My heart broke when Lupin and Tonks died.....
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