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KennyxButters Story Chapter 21
I laughed, looking down at the blonde beneath me, who to my surprise, was also smiling.
"Oh, hey guys!" I welcomed warmly. "Whats up?"
At first, neither one of them replied. I laughed again and sat up, grabbing my blondes hand and glancing down at the beautiful eyes starring back at me.
"W-who's the girl?" Kyle managed to choke out, still utterly confused by the whole situation.
I tried to contain my laughter as Stan and Kyle stared at us. "You remember that girl who moved here in 4th grade? The one who 'moved away' shortly after the girls big slumber party?" I asked, unable to remove the smile glued to my face.
They continued to stare blankly as they slowly shook their heads. My blonde partner brought  their free hand to their mouth to keep them from laughing, I closed my eyes as I attempted the same.
"Does the name Majorine, ring a bell?"
Again there was no response, just the continuous, blank stare from the confused couple.
"Where's Butters?" Kyle asked finally, not unders
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 20
"So, what do you fag boys think?" Cartman smiled, beaming his eyes happily at me.
I glanced at Stan, then back at Cartman, fixing my glare to match Stan's.
"Cartman...Why were you stalking them in the first place...?" I asked, glancing at the laptop and smiling.
Stan let out a laugh, quickly followed by a laugh of my own. Cartman stared blankly at us for a moment before he caught on. He stood up, shaking the couch as he did, and grabbed me by the collar of my jacket. "I'm not gay!" He shouted to my face, sternly.
"No one said you were. Fat ass." I smiled, looking Cartman in the eyes.
"Gah! Fucking fags, God!" Cartman exploded, tossing me into the air and landing on the couch, on top of Stan.
"Fat ass is stronger than he looks..." Stan muttered. "You alright Kyle?"
I shook the hair out of my face and turned around to face Cartman, who by now had stormed off into the kitchen, arms flailing and all.
I smiled and kissed Stan quickly on the lips. "I'm just fine."
Stan's eyes widened, then h
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 19
I don't remember the walk here. I don't even remember leaving Starks Pond. The second Kenny stood up, after we had our confession, after we kissed...
All I seem to remember is Kenny kissing me after we stood up. It was a deep, passionate kiss, and I don't remember it ending. Maybe it never did.
I shifted on the floor underneath Kenny, his hair tickling my nose as it fell over his face. "I'm a pervert you know." Kenny whispered, smiling and running his hand down my bare chest.
'Where did my shirt go?' I wondered. 'Kenny isn't wearing one ethire...'
"I-I know." I smiled, resisting my urge to look away in embarrassment. "I-I don't mind."
I stared ahead of me. If I looked down a bit, I could see Kenny's chest too. I blushed at the sight of it, lifting my hand from the floor beside me and placing it on his chest, right over his heart.
Kenny flinched slightly and looked down at me, leaning forward and pulling me into another one of his deep kisses. I melted against the wall as Kenny's hand s
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 18
"I wonder..." Cartman said, turning to face me but speaking to both me and Stan. "How much do you already know?"
I looked at Stan and then back at Cartman, crossing my arms over my chest. "What are you talking about fat ass?"
I sighed and leaned to the right slightly to look at the computer screen, which was now at 77% loaded.
He smiled and turned back to face the computer. "I figured you might know a little bit of what was going on..." Cartman began, sitting on the couch in front of his laptop. "Then again he isn't the type of person to just pour out his feelings, now is he?"
I huffed and looked at Stan again, who had his arms folded over his chest and a blank stare on his face directed at Cartman. "Are you going to tell us? Because we have better things we could be doing..." Stan said, keeping a straight face.
"Oh, I'm sure you do." Cartman smirked, glancing at me then at his computer screen, which by now had approached 90% or so. "Just wait a few seconds, you'll be glad you did."
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 17
"Hmph..." I moaned, sinking further under the covers into Stan's arms. "Shut up stupid cell phone!"
Despite my complaining the phone kept playing its tone. I mumbled and turned on my opposite side, facing away from Stan, and grabbed the phone off of the counter.
"Wha-Hello?" I said, sounding irritated.
"Hey there Jew boy!" A familiar voice shouted. "You and Stan have a long night again last night? Hah!"
"What? Ugh...Cartman what do you want? Its 9 in the morning, on a Saturday!"
"Oh nothing really...say, would you two fag boys mind coming by my house once your finished with...whatever it is you two are doing. I have something you two might be interested in..."
I squinted my eyes and pulled the phone from my ear as Cartman laughed.
I turned to Stan, who had been listening in on the conversation.
"Let just see what he wants..." Stan muttered, tossing the covers back over his head.
"Uh...whatever fat ass, we'll come over when we feel like it."
"Glad to hear it Kahl!" He smirked. "See you
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 16
Before I could say anything, Kenny had me pinned in the grass underneath him. I stared up at him, his face completely serious as he stared back at me.
"Wait, what?" I asked. "Sh-show me what?"
He stared down at me as his hand slowly approached my chest. "What actually happened...or what was about to happen..."
I shook my head as he unbuttoned the top button on my shirt.
I froze. "W-what? Kenny?" I asked, placing my hands on his chest and pushing against him uselessly. "What are you saying?"
"I took advantage of you Butters." He replied, looking me in the eyes. "In a way, I'm almost glad you I had a chance to stop myself before things went too far..."
"K-Kenny..." I whispered. "What are you talking about? I-I'm not following at all."
"Things were going really great...I noticed you weren't fighting it anymore and caught up in the moment..." He paused and removed his hands from my shirt, stopping at the last button and allowing my chest to peek through just a little.
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 15
Neither of us said a word as we turned off of Butters' street and walked towards the forest shortcut to Starks Pond.
"I think Starks Pond is a great choice." Butters smiled.
"Yeah, I think so too." I laughed, staring ahead as we jumped up the few stairs that led into the forest and began walking. "Just try not to faint this time, okay?"
Butters squeezed my hand and looked down at the ground as we walked, embarrassed. "S-Sorry about that."
I smiled and squeezed his hand back. "Don't apologize for something you couldn't control."
Butters sighed and stopped walking, turning to face me. "W-well...I didnt exactly...faint."
"What do you mean? Did someone hurt you?"
He shook his head and let go of my hand. "N-no, no one hurt me. I-Its not a big deal Kenny. I just feel like you should know the real reason why that happened."
I stared down at him for a moment before responding. "Well, I know the doctor said you had severe blood loss. I just didnt know why or what happened."
"Yeah. I-I jumped th
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 22
"So...what exactly was that...?" I asked, unsure of what else to say.
This sort of thing wasn't very new to me. Thanks to Cartman blackmailing me all through elementary school and middle school, I really didnt have that big of a problem with what was on this video. What pissed me off was the fact that he was putting Butters through it now...and he was not going to just get away with that.
"We didnt understand it ethire, what would he gain from stalking you two?" Kyle asked.
"E-Eric took this?" Butter's asked, blinking repeatedly and rubbing his eyes.
I nodded and spun my chair around to face Stan and Kyle, Butters still on my knee.
There was an awkward silence before Stan spoke up. "So Kenny? What should we do from here? We're sure this card isn't the only copy of that tape..."
I blinked and shrugged, placing my hand on Butters knee and rubbing it softly. "Its one thing to mess with me, but I am going to kill him for messing with Butters."
Butters froze for a moment before placing his
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 14
I moaned and flipped the pillow over my head as my cell phone went off on the desk beside my bed, vibrating over and over.
"Shut up!" I shouted at the object. It ignored me and continued to buzz and inch its way to a sudden death off of my desk. "Stupid, damn, freaking..." I muttered, throwing the covers off of me and grabbing the small black phone. I stared at it blankly for a moment and blinked, letting my eyes wake up.
"Two missed calls?" I asked myself, yawning and scratching my head with my free hand. "From who?"
I flipped it opened and blinked repeatedly as the bright light hit my face. Waiting a second for my eyes to adjust, I scrolled through my calls and pressed voice-mail.
'You have 2 unheard messages...' The lady on the other side of the phone said, sounding bored.
'Message 1 sent at 1:54 pm. Central time..." Her voice paused and the recording began to play. "Ai! Kenny why aren't you answering your goddamn phone?! Uh, I guess your probably out with Stan and Kyle somewhere, g
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 13
"Uh...Alright guys, I'll take care of it." Kenny said, stepping out of the bed. "You guys should go on home, okay?"
They stared at Kenny for a moment before nodding, smiling, and  turning to face me.
I froze, holding the covers to my face and covering my eyes.
"Oh jeeze..." I whispered. "Oh god, please make them go away..."
Stan's eyes widened as he pulled his hands to his mouth and began giggling. "Oh! I get it! Haha, yeah we'll just be going now!" He laughed.
"You can be such an ass sometimes, I swear..." Kyle muttered "Alright, we'll see ya later Butters."
Kyle grabbed the collar of Stan's jacket and pulled him towards the door.
"Hey c'mon Kyle I was just kidding with 'em! What are you yanking on me fo-"
The door opened then closed before I peeked my head halfway from under the covers, looking at Kenny. "A-Are they gone?"
Kenny let out a sigh and sat on the bed, pulling on his left shoe. "Yeah."
I sighed as well and sat beside him on the edge of the bed, feeling a lot stro
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 12
"You awake yet Kenny?"
I slowly opened my eyes, focusing on the person laying beside me.
"Butters." I smiled. "Your still here?"
Butters didnt say anything, he just stared at me.
"Butters are you okay?"
"I-I think so." He whispered. "Kenny?"
I forced myself out of the warm covers and sat up, shaking my hair into place and facing him.
"I had a dream last night...while we were sleeping...We were at Starks Pond and I was watching us sitting by a bench..."
My eyes widened. Starks Pond? Did he have a dream about what happened the other night? How much does he remember?
"So you do remember." I said. "How much of it do you recall?"
"W-Well the dream showed you and me on a bench, then one thing led to another...and you sorta...well you told me that you..." He blushed, looking away from me.
"After that." I whispered, grabbing his hand. "After I told you that."
"S-So that is what happened last night!" Butters said, his face turning red. "T-Then that means you really told me that you..."
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KennyxButters Story Chapter 11
"Woah...hey, whats going on?" I said, looking around me. "Where did Kenny go? Why is everything all black?"
I stared as far ahead as I could but saw nothing but endless black. I closed my eyes and rubbed them. When I opened my eyes, I was in a wasn't just a field. It was...
"W-Woah! Stupid phone!"
I spun around to see two people sitting on a bench a couple feet away...well one sitting on the bench, the other sitting beside it in the grass.
Who were they?
"What the...Butters?!"
"Butters?!" I shouted, running towards them.
I kept running but no matter how fast I ran, I wasn't going anywhere. I halted to a stop and continued listening to their conversation.
The person on the ground quickly turned to face the person on the bench "Kenny!?"
I couldn't see ethire one of their faces from where I was, but by his voice I knew the person on the bench was me...and the one on the ground was Kenny.
"What is this?!" I shouted, though I was sure no one could hear me.
"Oh...This is ki
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I was about dragging a Brief art into my favorite folder and dropped it here in the faves. (ffff stupid dA)
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