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Nerd station

Edit: updated to add Moondancer's missing horn
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Rainbow Dash must've lost a bet to be in this line.

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No cutie marks...?
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Rainbow Dash: Dang. Losing a bet to AJ once again. Got to find something for her even more humiliating...

Lovely work
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Rainbow is NOT happy...but still wants boops.
Can’t tell if she’s impatient or ashamed
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She wants it and she knows it.
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That's adorable
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Oh man, this put such a smile on my face! Well done!

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Aawww, more, please!
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That Moondancer tho, so expectant!
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Love the drawing, but isn't Moondancer a unicorn? Emoticon - Twilight Sparkle Wat 
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Lol yes, I just turned her back into a unicorn
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Cutest nosie comes first Chibi Twilight Sparkle Icon 
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Plus, rank has its privileges!

:D (Big Grin) 
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But it wasn’t her rank that let her have it =P
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Where is this station located?
I need to get there right away
I don't have enough boops
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