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Much Ahoof About Nothing: The Finale
"Ditzy!" cried the purple-maned P as she drew alongside her. "The moon! There's something wrong. It's not slowing down!"
Ditzy turned, and knew straightaway that the mare was right. The moon had grown huge, far bigger than usual, even during the spring moon festival, and instead of its stately ascent along the arch of the sky, it was headed on a near-horizontal path straight for the castle.
With both forelegs Ditzy waved the fliers to a halt, and as a group they hung bobbing against the night sky. The pegasi looked across at the looming white orb and began to mutter.
"Is it supposed to be moving so fast?" said one.
"It's not slowing down," whispered another.
"It's out of control!" cried a third.
"And it's - it's headed right for us!"
The team began to devolve into a confused mob, muttering and glancing at the moon and each other until one, a pegasus stallion with a yellow coat and a violet mane, suddenly split off from the rest of the group.
"I don't know about all of you," he cried, h
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 51 77
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 8
"The sweetness! The sweetness!" groaned Pinkie Pie, rolling back and forth on the hospital bed.
A handsome brunette-maned stallion dressed in a white coat was at her side in a heartbeat. As soon as he saw her queasy face and the listlessness of her usually poufy mane, he cried out, "I need 10 CCs of hotsauce, stat!"
A nurse galloped into the room and poured a bottle of hotsauce into the drip beside Pinkie's bed, while the doctor slipped the end of the tube into the little pink pony's mouth. Almost immediately Pinkie stopped groaning and, sucking on the tube like a baby would a bottle, she quickly fell asleep.
The doctor swept the sweat from his mane as he and the nurse looked at each other in relief. But suddenly there was a commotion in the corridor outside, and the two poked their heads out of the door to Pinkie's room, and saw a unicorn, an earth pony, a pegasus and a little dragon, all being led along the corridor by an orderly.
The doctor arched his eyebrows at the orderly, who lo
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 43 57
Fluttershy's Infernal Adventure
Fluttershy's Infernal Adventure
"Please, Angel Bunny - just a teeny, tiny little sip?" Fluttershy brought the spoon closer to the little rabbit's mouth, but he pouted and kicked it away.
The pegasus frowned. "You just have to take your medicine, or else that sniffle is going to get even worse!" She turned and quickly poured another spoonful, but when she looked back, Angel was gone.
Fluttershy looked this way and that, but there was no sign of the little rabbit. "Oh Angel bunny, you're too sick to play hide-and-seek!" she scolded. She looked under the sofa, behind the little coffee table with its vase of moonflowers, but she couldn't see him anywhere!
It was then that she noticed the wind had pushed open the front door of the cottage and she gasped.
She quickly trotted outside, just in time to see a tiny little cotton-tail disappearing down the garden path.
"Wait! Angel, wait!" She trotted after the little rabbit. "You'll get lost!"
Soon she came to a c
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 130 100
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 7
"Oh, do hurry up, Applejack," said Rarity, pulling the earth pony behind her. "We must find a discrete vantage point from which to observe the two lovers' meeting."
"'Observe'?" repeated Applejack, her eyes narrowing. "Don'cha mean 'spy'?"
"Please, Applejack," replied the exasperated unicorn. "We simply cannot miss seeing all our hard work come to fruition!"
Applejack felt her heart sink at the words 'all our hard work'. Rarity had got so swept up in the whole Rainbow-Twilight thing, she wasn't making a lick o' sense anymore!
"Over there!" said Rarity. She'd spotted some steps not far away that led up to a small garden around the base of a tower. It was little more than a single hawthorn-tree surrounded by low jasminum bushes, sprinkled with white flowers. They were giving off a delightful perfume with the advent of the evening, and the sweet scent wafted thickly on the breeze that was sweeping down from the mountain above them. The unicorn found a larger bush and stepped
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 46 37
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 6
"Where are we going, Princess?" asked Twilight. They were trotting along a narrow alleyway in a part of Canterlot she'd never been before, and she had no idea what Celestia had planned.
"Just a little out-of-the-way place I like to visit now and then, when the responsibilities of being Princess of Equestria get a bit too much," explained Celestia. "I think it should be especially quiet tonight with everypony out in the streets enjoying the festival. Oh, and here we are!"
The alley opened out into a tiny square with a number of little shops opening off of it. There was a tack-repair shop, with newly-worked bridles hanging near the door to dry; an apothecary, with its tell-tale sign of a winged-staff and the thick scent of medicines and ointments which Twilight could smell from where they were standing; and a charming little...
"Oh, a bookshop!" cried Twilight in delight. Towers of leather-bound books were piled up next to the door, and a ziggurat of yellowed vellum-scrolls as well. Oh,
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 53 50
The MLP:FiM Drinking Game ver. 2.0
from the quill of Butterscotch Sundae
Warning: Always drink in moderation, unless you too want to turn into a middle-aged writer of MLP fanfiction! I suggest medium strength beer for the rules as they stand, although hardcore drinkers may opt for shots.
Drink = a sip, while Finish your drink means what it says!
***Global Rules***
Take a drink whenever:
- the opening or closing sequence plays
If you choose to skip either, you must finish your drink. Shame on you!
- somepony refers to 'friendship'
Additionally, you must say "Friendship is Magic!" or finish your drink
- anypony drinks something, even if it's just hotsauce
Additionally, you must say "Confound these ponies! They drive me to drink" or finish your drink
- anypony refers to Princess Celestia
Additionally, you must say "Another thousand years!" or finish your drink
Supporters of the New Lunar Republic may choose to say "Down with the Tyrant!" instead
- Derpy Hooves appears on screen
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 197 139
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 5
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 5 starring Princess Celestia and her faithful student Twilight Sparkle
Rarity grabbed Applejack and hustled her through the archway that led to the eastern battlements.
"Hey, yer hurtin' me!" the earth pony yelped.
"Oh, do come on, Applejack," said Rarity, pulling her along. "Our first foray has failed. We need to come up with another plan to get Twilight away from Princess Celestia so that she can spend some time with Rainbow. The battlements that Princess Luna mentioned are the perfect venue for some planning."
"Do we really need ta get involved?" replied Applejack. "Can't we just relax an' let love find its own way?"
"Love? Find its own way?" Rarity snorted. "Have you forgotten what dear Twilight is like? She'll start talking to the Princess about books and magic and history and, and... and whathaveyou, and before she knows it, the window of opportunity for her romance to blossom will be gone. Oh, it will be so terribly sad if that
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 55 37
Among the Moonflowers
Among the Moonsflowers starring Twilight and Princess Celestia
"I'm afraid that this is a business call of sorts, Twilight darling," said Rarity, sitting down at Twilight's coffee table as the lavender-coated unicorn poured them both a cup of tea. "I've come to draw upon that limitless knowledge of yours in all things magical."
Twilight blushed and her ears went back in embarrassment. "Oh, I wouldn't call it 'limitless' exactly," she said, letting the teapot float down onto the table-top. "But I hope I can help you."
Rarity smiled back at her. "Oh, thank you darling. It's just a little question that's come up with a dress I've been asked to design for Hoity Toity's autumn range." She levitated her cup to her lips and inhaled its delicious fragrance. "You see, there's been some disagreement regarding the shape of a floral pattern that's going to be embroidered on the hem of this exquisite little cocktail dress that we're working on. Oh darling, you'd absolute
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 99 61
Mature content
Butterscotched! :iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 39 43
The Ballad of Big Mac
The Ballad of Big Mac
Come hear the tale of Macintosh,
Big Mac to all his friends,
the love he won, but almost lost,
of fame that never ends.
He spent his days out in a field
not far from Ponyville,
gath'ring his orchard's fruitful yield
with all his bucking skill.
"Big Mac, you take care now y'hear!"
said A. J. in alarm,
"Keep buckin' like that an' Ah've a fear
You'll do yerself some harm!"
Big Mac replied, "Don' worry none,"
as apples fell like rain,
"Jus' mah way of 'gettin' 'er done'!"
and went to buck again.
He bucked the tree, and with a crash
the center of it split.
The falling trunk, quick as a flash,
the stallion's head did hit.
Straight to Nurse Redheart Big Mac was sent
with AJ at his side,
and in the quiet medical tent
he nursed his wounded pride.
But though the nurse did all she could,
the wound refused to heal -
ointment and poultice did no good,
despite Nurse Redheart's zeal.
To Twilight Sparkle then Mac fled,
librarian of the town.
Yet as soon as all her books we
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 89 88
Adventures in Equestria Part 6
Butterscotch's Adventures in Equestria Part 6 starring Butterscotch Sundae, Princess Luna and a face from the past…
At the final chime the doorknob stopped turning and then the door began to shudder, one, two, three times -  and then it flew open with a crash and a blue-coated alicorn came galloping into the room. Her face was flushed and the whole of her body was glistening with sweat, and as soon as she was inside she slammed the door shut with her telekinetic magic and barred it.
"Pr… Princess Luna?" I said.
"Wait," said Pinkie Pie, her eyes bugging out. "Esther is… Princess LUNA?"
Luna was still trying to catch her breath. "Of course… I'm not… Esther, Pinkie Pie! But I was hoping that I'd find her here." She looked quickly around the room and then sighed in defeat. "She's not here either, is she?"
All the assembled ponies fell down on one hoof and bowed, and I quickly did the same, but Luna waved a forehoof impatiently and we all got
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 37 65
Adventures in Equestria Part 5
Butterscotch's Adventures in Equestria starring Butterscotch Sundae, and two Pinkie Pies!?
It felt like…
…I was home.
I jerked upright in bed and looked around, blinking. There was a half-empty bottle of scotch on the dresser with a tumbler on its side next to it, while around my bedroom were scattered what appeared to be the remnants of a party – pink streamers, crumpled crepe-paper and sad, half-deflated balloons lying on the floor in bunches.
"Just what in the hey was I doing last night?" I wondered. I got out of bed, expecting to feel that familiar dull throb of a hangover when I moved, but there wasn't one. Looking down, I saw that I was wearing my usual blue flannelette pajamas with the silver-embroidered stars on them.
Well, at least I hadn't gotten so drunk that I'd forgotten to get changed!
I visited the toilet, but as I was walking from there into the bathroom I suddenly heard the sound of someone operating the coffee machine in the kitche
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 34 53
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 4
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 4 starring Princess Celestia and her faithful student Twilight Sparkle
Moments later, there was a loud whoosh as a multi-coloured streak flew overhead and Rainbow Dash came in to land on the cloud not far away from the assembled group and quickly trotted up to them.
"It's so awesome that you guys could all come!" she said, grinning at her friends. Then she bowed to Celestia and Luna, saying "Spitfire sends her apologies, Your Highnesses  - she's still not happy with some of the choreography and she wants to fit in as much rehearsal as possible before tonight."
Celestia smiled. "It sounds as if you have a wonderful show prepared for us tonight."
Rainbow nodded enthusiastically, but then frowned suddenly. "I just hope everything goes according to plan…" …and nopony screws anything up! A vision of a certain blonde-maned Pegasus pony with quizzical eyes appeared before her and she resisted groaning out loud.
But Rainbow
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 87 190
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 3
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 3 starring Princess Celestia and her faithful student Twilight Sparkle
Later that day Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, dressed in the new gowns that Rarity had designed especially for the Spring Moon Festival, were waiting in the Town Square in the clear and mild spring air for Twilight to arrive with their transportation.
"I thought we were going by air balloon," said Pinkie Pie with some disappointment. The truth was, she loved flying in it every opportunity she could get.
"Now darling," said Rarity indulgently. "That's scarcely a dignified way for us to arrive in Canterlot, all squashed together in that tiny gondola! Besides, it's traditional when travelling to Canterlot to go by coach."
"That reminds me," said Applejack. "I wonder who Twi's gonna get to pull it this time – everypony is awful busy at the moment, what with all the spring cleanin' and plantin' goin' on."
Just then there was a sharp clatter of cartwhe
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 107 107
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 2
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 2 starring Princess Celestia and her faithful student Twilight Sparkle
by Butterscotch Sundae
"Rainbow?" Applejack said, frowning in disbelief. "Rainbow Dash? Really?"
Rarity nodded. "Oh darling, it suddenly occurred to me while I was chatting with Twilight over tea this morning. She said she felt as if she was missing something, and I suggest that it was somepony she was missing, rather. And when I suggested it was young Spike, she laughed. But then I remembered that Rainbow was also out of town. As you know, she's in Canterlot at the moment helping the Wonderbolts with the Spring Moon Festival performance – that rather striking Spitfire has a marvellous aerial spectacle in store for the Princess Luna, I hear."
"Ah dunno, Rarity," said Applejack. "Ah mean, Twi and Rainbow? What do those two even have in common?"
"Oh, Applejack," sighed Rarity, lifting a soft forehoof and placing it on the muscular withers of her lover. "I do so love you
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 107 225
Much Ahoof About Nothing Part 1
Much Ahoof About Nothing starring Princess Celestia and her faithful student Twilight Sparkle
Twilight watched the little white starlike flowers swirl about in her cup of elderflower tea and sighed.
Rarity put down her own cup and looked at her in sudden concern from across the table. The two of them were sitting at their favourite table at the Dandelion Clock Café and enjoying a little afternoon tea together, but Rarity for some time now had noticed that Twilight, although moody at the best of times, was especially moody today for some reason.
"Darling!" she said. "That's the third time you've sighed in as many minutes! Now I know something is most definitely wrong."
Twilight lifted her face from observing the tea to look at her friend. The white-coated unicorn's eyes were regarding her with concern, but somehow Twilight didn't feel like talking to her.
"Oh Rarity. I'm fine, really," she said, and then straightaway her eyes dropped back down to the tea and its danci
:iconbuttersc0tchsundae:Buttersc0tchSundae 221 280

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Butterscotch Sundae
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
I write sweet and sometimes spicy stories about the latest incarnation of the My Little Pony franchise: Friendship is Magic! I'm probably best known for my shipping stories Swayback Mountain (AJ-Rarity) and The Party Hasn't Ended (Pinkie-Dash) .

Big thanks to :iconbamboodog: for my deviantID!

Current Residence: Sydney
Favourite genre of music: trance/ dance
Favourite cartoon character: Pinkie Pie
A big, belated hello from Butterscotch! I can't believe it's been over two years since I last uploaded a story to DA. Has it really been that long since the final chapter of Much Ahoof About Nothing? It feels like all that happened just yesterday...

What have I been up to since then? Well, it's  a bit embarrassing, actually... but I got married and had a kid. She's two years old  as of a couple of months ago. How did this all happen? well, I was impregnated and nature took its course, I guess you could say.  Since then, my life has been all about nappies and applying for government rebates, with very little time indeed for ponies. For all my friends out there who I haven't spoken to for all that time: I am deeply sorry. I haven't been betraying you with fresh, new friends - I've just been spending 16+ hours a day cooking dinner, packing daycare bags and fighting a losing battle against the laws of entropy in my house. I have descended into a shameful mediocrity.

Why have I returned all of a sudden? I was sorting through some old stuff and discovered a number of stories I never got around to editing and uploading: a Rarity-Fluttershy story where Rarity duels a Prince of Canterlot to defend Fluttershy's honour; a Rarity-Spike story revolving around Spike's ability to scratch ponies in spots they can't reach; part 2 of 'The Mistress of Midnight Castle', where Twilight learns of the secret relationship of her and Trixie; an unfinished Lyra and Bon-Bon romance and so on. I think I should type these up and upload them, for posterity's sake: I'm sure some people might be interested in reading them and it seems a shame to leave them as scrawls on lined pad-paper.

Have I been keeping up to date with the ponies? I must hang my head in shame. No. The last episode I saw was the one with ol' cheese-legs and Princess Cadence. I'm guessing a lot of things have happened since then - please let me know via the comments!

Your friend,

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