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lalala i don´t have more money... i need a job ..
omg omg! i love my life!
I can not wait!, but mail is wrong and I do not get things!!!! my wig for Kuro neko is loss, and also contact lenses too!!,,,and I have no money for the ConCon (cries)
proyect cosplay: kuro neko, Len kagamine, Marisa, and Shou and if time Grell
I hate the holidays, summer!!!!!!
I thought this holiday would be different!!!! but nooooooo!!!!
I hate this!!!!
no one cares or where I am!
damn summer!You show me how much I want me my "fiends" !
to hell with everything, and  I hate the heat!!!!!
I make my cosplays,
my nickname is Kiku Nagata I'm from Uruguay
I have 17 years and study
I like to cosplay with friends and I think it's best for our relationships (the other day got into my apartment 9 people)
I love my friends
I like drawing, singing. Rol, and do cosplay
and i love my girlfriend

well this is my little jurnal :3