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An intro illo for Kobold Press's Southlands big supplement about desertinc and jungle cultures for Pathfinder.

The Kickstarter is running 'til October 17th, it got funded in 5 hours and it's well on its way into stretch goals, so it's quite a deal right now.

I hope you like!
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From "kobold press - tomb of tiberesh for 5th edition"


Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This coin-sized figurine of a scarab is crafted from an unidentifiable blue-gray metal, but it appears mundane in all other respects. Once its command word is spoken, it whirs to life and burrows into the flesh of whoever spoke the word. The host immediately takes 2d10 piercing damage, or half damage with a successful DC 15 Constitution saving throw. Regardless of the saving throw, the host experiences the following effects while the scarab of rebirth is inside its body.

  • The host’s Constitution is lowered by 1.

  • The host suffers vivid nightmares, preventing them from getting the full benefit of resting; hit points recovered from resting are halved. Hit points recovered from hit dice and other means are unaffected.

  • The host doesn’t need to eat or drink to remain alive.

  • The host can sense undead within 30 feet. They appear surrounded by a faint, green glow.

  • If the host dies, then the scarab reanimates it with one-half its maximum hit points at the start of the host’s next turn. This doesn’t happen if the host is beheaded, disintegrated, crushed, or destroyed by some other means that would instantly kill it again if it regained hit points. After the host returns to life, the scarab extracts itself and becomes dormant for 1d4 weeks before recharging and becoming usable once more.

The command word can be spoken at any time to call the scarab out from its host, but only by its host.

The scarab does no damage when it leaves the host’s body. With the scarab removed, the host regains its lost Constitution point and can rest normally.