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An intro illo for Kobold Press's Southlands big supplement about desertinc and jungle cultures for Pathfinder.

The Kickstarter is running 'til October 17th, it got funded in 5 hours and it's well on its way into stretch goals, so it's quite a deal right now.

I hope you like!
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Ah interesting....
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I Like it, but what is it?
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A medallion, charm, amulet? (sans the chain)
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I love the detail.
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You're welcome! :)
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Looks awesome! Very nice colours, man!
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This drawing seriously rules. Great, great job!
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Rho so beautiful!!
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I'm going to need to step up my game.
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I need to do it myself to stay in the game! :D
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How beautiful ! :heart: 
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Froggy you ROX too much  \o/
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I love that name.

In the fantasy world I'm making for Sin Nombre, there's also a 'Southlands' sometimes called the Big South.  But mine is patterned after the desert Southwestern United States and northern Mexico, kind of a 'what if the New World was settled in 1092 and not 1492'

PLus, it gives me a chance to incorporate lots of cool Native American and Aztec monsters for PCs to fight :)
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So simple and elegant huh? That's why Kobold Press is so good!

BTW that 1092 idea sounds really interesting.
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Thanks.  I'm planning (someday, you know, before I die) to release a fantasy setting, sci-fi setting, supers setting, and Gothic horror setting in the future to go with the core rulebooks
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