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Minotaur Monk

An albino Minotaur monk.

He has blades on his horns... Talk about adding up to the already scary!

A commission for :iconabigwood:
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I like the nails/studs in his hooves - are they iron-shod? :)
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Yup! minotaur-sneakers
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Hi Butterfrog
My name is Jackie 
wow i'm impressed by your work!
i was wondering if you might be interested in a contest about "animal warrior illustration”
If you are interested in character designing, here’s your chance to win the prize!!

feel free to check out my page
the link is on it
d a d r e a  m m @ y a h o o . c o m
GREAT PICTURE,,, is it for sale,,, have a project I am working on and this is great for it,,
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Well, I have the IP but it isn't for sale, sorry :(
to bad, here the same question....
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I made a minotaur monk for an arena battle section of our epic campaign. This guy is bad ass. That double headed throwing axe is especially deadly looking and I dig the thai style arm bands.
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I'm glad you like it :)
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Hehe... I love the fact that he's albino. It reminds me of the original myth...
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Gotta check that out, I know nothing of anything albino on the myth :D
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Oooh apparently the bull Pasiphae had sex with was white? I dunno ;v; Excellent drawing!!!
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The white bull had sex with Minos's wife, and thus she gave birth to a monster. But this Minotaur is far from scary, altho it is very well drawn.
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I love the myth! I love Minotaurs in general and I don't think they're scary D: It is such a lovely drawing!
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Fabulous Minotaur!
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You're welcome, my friend!
Thanks for the :iconllama3dplz:
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Like some of the artists above already said, it's a great looking minotaur. I'm glad you drew this guy so respectfully. ^_^
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In all honesty, I really just love the concepts behind your work. It's the combinations that you dont see or naturaly think of... Machine/Sage, Minotaur/Monk. They are opposites but look so lovely together, I like it.
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Well, those concepts aren't mine. They are commissions from other people who ask me to draw their characters.
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Either way, you did create them. Very nicely done.
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