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Bravio, animal companion

Bravio, faithful ranger animal (Huskey/mut) companion

My second dog animal companion

I hope you liked!
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Hmmm... maybe one should start drawing some animals... I suck at it but I'm told that practise and all that... ;)

This sure is a nice piece, bravo Hugo! :)
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Thanks! And yes, animals are a whole different matter... all the hair is a nightmare!
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He's pretty awesome. Love the little pawguards. =D
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A little something for the doggie ;)
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Awesome! ^^ I'd like an animal companion like that...:p
(always played as druid, haha)
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You'll need lots of dogchow! Or a steady supply of tasty goblins, whatever comes easier :D
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Yes, those Huskies are very loyal and smart animals for sure! A nice depiction and realization here with a good expression and pose! He's ready for action it looks like to me! Most excellent!
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Thanks :D

*I love Huskies *
Go Bravi'os! And his super power bite of 1d6+15 damage! o.o
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no wonder he's so big... I may add the illo of both of tghem together laterz
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I like how you started adding these mysterious foggy background smudges.
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I think it gives a bit of depth to the drawing and "frames" it :D
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Yeah, it also gives a feeling o mystic power enshrouding the character. Even non-magic characters should have some magic to them in a fantasy world, methinks.
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Very cool. Nice pose.
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Arf arf!

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Nice! thats charcoal isn't it? ^^

Awesome feel
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Is pencil and a bit of photoshop touch up ;)
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still a very nice ring to it ^^
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