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Aileona Devrowyn

Female Elf Ranger

Another one for KaruiKage and his Pathfinder campaigns

I enjoyed drawing Desna's Star in particular

Background: Aileona Devrowyn, 116, is a female from the elven trading town of Crying Leaf on the edge of the Velashu Uplands. Up until quite recently she was the only daughter of wealthly merchants and spent her time reading romantic accounts of Celwynvian (abandoned tree-city of the Elves) and creatures called Swanmay (pure women protectors of nature, who could assume the form of swans). When her mother gave birth to a son, Aileona felt the time was right to head off for adventure and ran away from home.

Not long after leaving her life of relative luxury she realized that her dreams of being a famous hero who saved Celwynvian using her powers as a swam were far-fetched and nigh impossible. She still is quite optimistic and naive about the power of good to fix all problems and even harbors hope of saving Celwynvian. She would like to take up the life of a ranger to hunt down evil, killing what cannot be saved and protecting goodness and innocence. Aileona is particularly inclined towards protecting animals, nature and babies as they have a tendency to not be evil. Her motto has been "If you can't think of anything nice to say... think harder"

She defiantly thinks highly of herself physically and morally and will no doubt learn some harsh realities as her life away from home continues. Physically, Aileona is a young, rather plain female elf, a bit on the skinny side with dirty blonde hair, murky grey/blue eyes. A little bit grubby because now that she is on her own there are a number of luxuries she can't afford (like hot baths). As far as vital stats go she is 5'3" and 92lbs. Morally, she strives to be as good as she can be, however a life in the wild, traveling the many, many miles from Crying Leaf to Sandpoint has forced her to make some compromises and she is slowly learning that not everything is black and white. Once upon a time she thought killing anything was wrong, but so far she had to kill for food (some rabbits and a squirrel), a bandit who attacked her while she was camping, a thief tried to rob her inn room and a goblin who jumped out from behind a tree. All these incidents have been quite traumatic for her.

After hearing about the Swallowtail Festival she headed to Sandpoint hoping that the festival would draw in some professional rangers that she could apprentice with. She is coming to Sandpoint as a mercenary (mostly to keep unruly children in line rather than any actual fighting).
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A great drawing of an interesting character...I bet she's fun to play!
Truly my pleasure!
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I love the big cat, you should do a drawing of just her/him.
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That's not a bad idea since I do need to practice more natural animals :D
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Cool, let me know if you do!
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I love the level of detail you put into this work. It's really nice.
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I'm kinda obsessive with it :D
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amazing detail! :D great work
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wow nice work you put your soul in to it love it
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Thanks, I tried :D
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the detail is amazing and the cougar came out great not to mention the weapon design !! very cool!!
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Glad you liked it
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very much so!!
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Refreshing! A chick warrior not hanging out all over the place in a much to small chain mail bikini. This is wonderful work. A very believable looking character. Excellent.
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Jeps, most "real" female are far from the cmmon "chain mail bikini" character. To date I know none. Those are only for advertising and eyecandy. One of these days I will make one for my Campaign to freak out the player... "We see and elf in WHAT fighting a dragon?"
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extreeeeem hot pic !!!!!!fav**********
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I'm liking this one very much Hugo. Slightly different style than usual, with the pencil work a lot more pronounced than what we normally see from you.
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I'm goig for that now, if I do pencil I won't "hide" it anymore, I hope people likes it better :D
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