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Purple Anime Eye by butterflyfox-4-life Purple Anime Eye :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 2 0 words can paint a rainbow by butterflyfox-4-life words can paint a rainbow :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 1 0 The eye by butterflyfox-4-life The eye :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 0 0 Kamen rider W Cyclone symbol by butterflyfox-4-life Kamen rider W Cyclone symbol :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 1 0 Kamen rider Kivaara lower half by butterflyfox-4-life Kamen rider Kivaara lower half :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 0 0 Kamen Rider Kivaara by butterflyfox-4-life Kamen Rider Kivaara :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 2 0 Gokai Pink by butterflyfox-4-life Gokai Pink :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 1 0 Roses are red by butterflyfox-4-life Roses are red :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 1 0 House of night: Zoe side view by butterflyfox-4-life House of night: Zoe side view :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 0 0 Butterflyfox-4-life by butterflyfox-4-life Butterflyfox-4-life :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 1 0 House of Night by butterflyfox-4-life House of Night :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 0 2 Annalise by butterflyfox-4-life Annalise :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 2 0 Different hearts by butterflyfox-4-life Different hearts :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 0 0 pharaoh's puzzel peice by butterflyfox-4-life pharaoh's puzzel peice :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 0 0 Pink blush by butterflyfox-4-life Pink blush :iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 1 0
Blood is fear
Blood is fear
Rain. I absolutely hate the rain. It always reminded me of miserable days, homework and horrible nightmares particularly that night. I was alone in the house that night because mum and dad are off at work and my brother is, well, is partying. Again. Well, I was watching TV because I was bored and had nothing to do and had difficulty entertaining myself, when all of a sudden the lights went out in the whole house. I simply brushed it off because we had power cuts ever so often but I had those 'feelings' something was off. Something…. wrong.
When the lights were off, went off to the kitchen to go the cupboard where the torch was kept, but when I was just to bend down a shiver crawled up my spine. Not like one of those normal ones like your outside in the cold, no, but it was like a cold hand that had thousand of needles stuck to it. Again, a simply though the heater must of gone off.
When I gone back into the living room, I tried to turn on the light for the torch but
:iconbutterflyfox-4-life:butterflyfox-4-life 0 0


Maintenance Session pg. 3 by Pokkuti Maintenance Session pg. 3 :iconpokkuti:Pokkuti 313 8 Uta no Prince-sama - Straight To The Point by blind-fanatic Uta no Prince-sama - Straight To The Point :iconblind-fanatic:blind-fanatic 164 16 light x dark by ineedsomecake light x dark :iconineedsomecake:ineedsomecake 469 164 On stage and live-Kagamine Len by Sakutarugirly On stage and live-Kagamine Len :iconsakutarugirly:Sakutarugirly 1,699 631 Kuroneko Motivational Glomp by DemonVampire13 Kuroneko Motivational Glomp :icondemonvampire13:DemonVampire13 281 38 MP Peppercat 2.0 by raptorsr MP Peppercat 2.0 :iconraptorsr:raptorsr 390 83 Lelouch is going yaoi by BelgiumGeassFan Lelouch is going yaoi :iconbelgiumgeassfan:BelgiumGeassFan 132 12
Nya, Nya? Chapter 3
Lelouch yawned, as he walked down the hall towards the Student Council room. It turned out that he slept through all of his classes, including gym. He would’ve slept through the rest of the day, if it wasn’t for one of the school nurses waking him taking the bandage off of his head and yelping with surprise when she saw the ears.
It was then that Lelouch knew the Geass still worked.
And for that, I’m grateful. he thought with a sigh. The bandage was back on, hiding his ears once more. The cat nap felt good, but now he felt sleepier than before. Was this the effect of cat naps? Now that he thought about it, Arthur always seemed to yawn more after he was woken up after a nap. Maybe the same thing was happening to him. Being a cat is going to take some getting used to.
The ex-prince felt his ears twitch, as he heard the familiar voice behind him. Turning around, he saw Suzaku and the rest of the Student Council coming his wa
:iconanimeluvergirl123:AnimeLuverGirl123 12 53
Suzaku ON Lelouch by BelgiumGeassFan Suzaku ON Lelouch :iconbelgiumgeassfan:BelgiumGeassFan 593 96 Lelouch is a sexy cat by BelgiumGeassFan Lelouch is a sexy cat :iconbelgiumgeassfan:BelgiumGeassFan 65 6 DW7 - Jiang Wei by DynastyWarriors7 DW7 - Jiang Wei :icondynastywarriors7:DynastyWarriors7 36 6 DW7 - Lu Xun by DynastyWarriors7 DW7 - Lu Xun :icondynastywarriors7:DynastyWarriors7 27 2 DW7 - Guan Suo by DynastyWarriors7 DW7 - Guan Suo :icondynastywarriors7:DynastyWarriors7 19 1 Baby Blue Mewtwo by Vaporeon249 Baby Blue Mewtwo :iconvaporeon249:Vaporeon249 596 137 Legion Job Fair p2 by AkuOreo Legion Job Fair p2 :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 466 118


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yeah I'm a newbie at this site so thats why i'm trying all the new stuff and such so post if you have anything to say


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United Kingdom
I like all yu gi oh series (DM,GX & 5D), rainbows XD and playing on anything electircal (computer,TV & ipod nano)

Favourite genre of music: pop, R&B, anime music, rock and regge
Favourite cartoon character: bugs bunny


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Done! Did the wallpaper of PRiS: [link]
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brilliant :)
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If you were looking for the original artist of the pictures you used, I believe it is:
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thanks :)
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You can credit them now and avoid getting banned from DA.
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