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Kobold by ProdigyDuck
A kobold by :iconprodigyduck:

Once again back to my monthly patreon rewards which i'm using to fill my lengthy project to depict all the weird races in my setting. This time? A kobold!

Kobolds get a bad reputation for being small, scrawny and a bit of a joke. But you can't say they aren't dextrous. So! Have a flair bartendering mixologist. With regards from the house. 😉👍

• Support the artist here:
• Artist page:…
• commission info:…
Avalonian, Dark By Sweet-Guts
Once more, great art by :iconsweet-guts: for my pet project of portraying the playable races of my RPG setting 😉👍

This time: The dark avalonians!

Avalonians are essentially my setting's version of "the Elves" but since i don't want people to think they are stuff from tolkien i changed their names. They fey are, after all, plant based creatures in humanoid form, at least in my setting, one kind for each of the gods who brought them to exist in the prime material.

So! I'm using my patreon rewards to get my setting filled with weird races. Would you please: do it too? She's a wonderful person to support.

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Senonva Provaltro - By CzechMen
An awesome character sheet by the wonderful :iconczechmen:

Here's my Pathfinder character i used on Rappan Athuk. Unfortunately i cannot recreate "her" in D&D 5e because the "living Constructs" can be healed normally and there is no alternate equivalent to "fast healing"

Basically what i did there was that since the "Rappan Athuk" was all about killing stuff i wanted to give the other players a reason to have knowledge of the previous parties we all played every time we tried it.

So i made a character with the pathfinder Race Builder which used "Construct" creature type and "Fast healing" and "Truespeech" (can talk to anybody) as their advantages. This created a 26 racial point character which was... well... let's just say it was sub-optimal.

I did not wish to have an overpowered race compared to the other players.

So i took.
- "Xenophobic language choice" (so unless i spent points in intelligence i could still talk to anybody... but i could not read anything)
- "Slow Speed" (classic 6 meters per round instead of the normal 9 meters)
- "Elemental Vulnerability" (all 4) (basically she is at a disadvantage when saving against damage from acid, fire, cold and electricity... and takes a lot of damage when she does not save against that damage)
- "Greater Weakness" ability choice (-4 to constitution so she'd "die" at -6 offsetting the ton of HP from being a construct and ignoring constitution on hit die and also thus offsetting the fact that fast healing would not make her much immortal at all, the +2 and -2 alternated between strength and dexterity)

This brought me down to 14 racial points, which is rather acceptable as normal races have around 10-11 points. I... could not bring her back down further without severely making her unplayable, so i stopped there.

The real challenge is, basically to make her "something different" each time, justified that since she gets "killed" and her pieces reform elsewhere... she "reinvents" herself each time, trying new strategies.

• Support the artist here:…
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Original character design by :iconTegerio:

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• artist page:…
• commission info:…
Obviously based on this commission by Kiguri that i asked of a character that i played in the past

This is a collaboration between me and a friend of mine, he did the base art i did the heavy editing.


So this is the image i'm using for the latest character of mine. A "fantasy robot" and that tries to pass for a human.

I tried to give her a feminine, yet haunted and gaunt look and make her feel both desperate and determined.


D&D 5e
celestial warlock
Lawful Good
Warforged Envoy (dex/cha) with integrated Disguise Kit
Charlatan background (uses ideals, personality, ect. from "haunted one" background)


I expect danger around every corner.
I have a strong code of honour that others don't comprehend.


I try to help those in need, no matter what the personal cost. (Good)


A terrible guilt consumes me. I hope that I can find redemption through my actions.

Character Flaw

I have certain rituals that I must follow every day. I can never break them.

Veronica's Backstory

Veronica took a while to actually understand the dynamics of her birth.

She woke up the first time knowing how to walk and how to read and a lot of other things... But she did not understand why.

She also thought her body wasn't hers. Which was weird in itself.

She was trapped in a library. It had a lot of diaries. From these she was able to read about her father: Vincenzo Ferrari.

Vincenzo was a human magician, his greatest problem was pride. He believed he was just unrelated to any facts presented to him. He repudiated mortal laws, for he believed they were corrupted and made so that the powerful people would continue to stay powerful and for the poor people to get poorer and weaker.

Vincenzo was brought away by an angry mob, they took him in his sleep, they blindfolded him and muffled him and tied him. They lynched him. She confirmed this once she got out. But Vincenzo expected it and already wrote his end in his diaries.

He made sure to build Veronica in a secluded place so that even if they burnt his house to the ground Veronica would just be trapped for a while and could eventually get out. She needed not food and water... and was tireless.

According to Vincenzo what would have led to his lynching was the following:
- He was not present at the funeral of his daughter, which was killed in front of his house.
- He accused the son of the Town Chief to had done "depraved things" to his daughter, since he said "the corpse was obviously dressed by male hands".
- He had removed the corpse of his daughter from the cemetery to do "quite assuredly" something "depraved and evil".
- He was a magician, and thus, "obviously" somebody treacherous, manipulative and evil.
- He was a magician, and thus somebody who "obviously" wanted to defy nature and the gods.

The room in which Veronica was trapped was devoid of furniture except:
- the stone slab on which she first woke
- and the library with books about many things and the diaries of his father.

She had no memory of this "daughter". Not even her name. Her "father" was very self-centered, so he only called her "his daughter". So she chose Veronica, meaning "in the True Image of".

She had a lot of books about arcane topics, but she actually wanted to know people, and she knew the best way was to use magic that looked like divine magic.

She eventually found a way to use the arcane knowledge of her father to do that.

When she was able to get out she found she was under a burnt house. She decided not to try her luck with humans so soon, and not where her father was just murdered.

So she fled the village of her origins and spied from afar other people trying to see what they looked like.

She spent the next 3 years trying to learn how to look and imitate humans as much as possible, she learned how to fake documents and acquire a fake identity that would hold scrutiny.

While she did not need food or sustenance, she did learn how to pilfer stuff she needed to pass for a human, and how to use the integrated disguise system within her body to make herself look as human as possible.

She still lacks much skill, but once she felt she could pass decent scrutiny, she ventured back into society because at some point she had to and is currently trying to see if she could get into the dwarven kingdom to acquire some sort of citizenship.

She does not like at all what she's become. A pilferer, a liar, a forger, faking the only kind of accepted magic, via the kind of magic that was definitively not accepted.

Getting some money by making magic tricks on the streets and then lying about them not being magic but simple sleight of hand, always in fear that if somebody were to discover her identity she'd be ridiculed at best ("Oh! Look, a golem that tries to pass for a person!"), or "confiscated" and sold as property... or worse. She read her father's diary. She knows that a golem can have their mind manipulated, priorities shifted, allegiances rewritten, personality changed. To suit the buyer.

She checks daily if her disguise can hold for the rest of the day.

She passes day after day lying and manipulating people only to be treated like a normal person.

And she isn't even that good at reading others, so she always feels like she's living on the edge of a razor.

She hates all this.

She wants it to end, but there is no end.

And deep inside she thinks even when she will get in the dwarven kingdom she will not be able to live how she wants, because she is an horrible person.

:iconkiguri: did the original art for Fiona, the retired character of mine whose likeness i blatantly stole. 😅
• Support the creator here:
• Artist page & commission info:…
Fiona - By Kiguri
Wonderful :iconkiguri: did a new take on Fiona
• Support the creator here:
• Artist page & commission info:…

Have you ever been in one of those situations where the chaotic bard of the group thinks it's funny if he logs a bunch of cursed stuff together in a circle of resonating curses and throws it at an half built golem, and out pops a "living" being? Yyyyyeah. Everybody has been in a situation like that sooner or later. Usually death's involved in some way. This time instead they got a very understanding and kind lady out of it. Since the golem in question had the appearance of the patron saint of the town (it was actually a statue of the saint) she usually goes around with an illusion masking her as a tabaxi. She's quite the helper. Does not come cheap. The bishop still is searching for the "unknown people" that half demolished his cathedral and made a huge hole, which is really hard to fix due to the rampant wild magic still acting on that section of the church. Which is right behind the altar.... sooo yeah.... it can't really go unnoticed during the mass. She's in a maid dress, because she's handy in the house and usually loves to keep it clean. Nobody lets her near the kitchen though. It appears taste buds are kind of a requirement to making healthy meals.

Original art by Tegerio

• Support the artist here:
• artist page:…
• commission info:…
Today i got a message on patreon from an angry webcomic artist complaining i was scraping their site.

To which i admitted it was totally true.

I spent about one hour composing the following message. Which is unedited (aside for a few added commas) and i wish to share. People have to understand why i scrape. I hope this explains something. Please don't kill me in the comments.

No, believe me, i was sincere. And i really want to give you, at least for the stolen bandwidth and for your hard times, a donation.

And yes, i was rude. Sorry about that.

Let me explain a bit better.

This will be long.

But i wish to paint the whole situation.

Because, yes at a glance i'm just a rude person who is stealing bandwidth.

I saw your art and saw the fact that you were... "forced to degrade it"? Maybe this is better put. This made me think that even if i was saving your comic for future reading i still was using your bandwidth and you were obviously having a bad time. So even if i don't check the "scrapes for future reading" folder very often i could not ignore that, and i became your pledger.

And i've a long list of webcomics i have subscribed here on patreon exactly because i've been scraping them. Each month my patreon bill is around 552$ before taxes (which are 22% here in italy). There's 12 Youtube channels, 2 indie video game companies, 3 "others"and 110 webcomics. (Also ... cough... about 10 "porn artists" can't deny that.)

I don't use RSS because in most cases the functionality is not implemented or is poorly implemented making me miss updates in cases where webcomics already update very rarely.

If this were an ideal world i would agree with you. I am just an idiot who steals and just tries to quell its conscience with some patreon change.

Also, as i said i "follow" about 400 webcomics. You just made me count them, which is something i don't do very often. It's "only" 378. Of these: 89 have updated in the last month. According to the "last modified" on my folder where i save the scrapes.

I scrape just the front page in the vast majorities of cases (285) because that is the "least damage" i can do, i go one link further in 32 cases because the site structure makes me do so.

And i have to physically see the page because it is incompatible with the scraper in 35 case.

Then there's those who i wish to follow, but haven't had the time yet. You're one of the 26 of those i started scraping daily.

This is a total of 378. 35 of which i have to "babysit".

But... why scrape?

If my bandwidth was what is normally found in most large cities i would agree with you. But here i have 1 whole megabit of bandwidth. Because i'm in the country.

Up to 3 years ago i was in dialup with two lines used just for internet. That is a whopping 14 kilobytes per second. Now i'm up to 120 and paying half what i was paying before.

But money really is the issue.

I already said i'm pouring 500$ per month on patreon.

But if i wanted a decent land line i would have to pay about 5000 euros per every 10 meters of landline from the nearest fiber optics pit (25 km away) to my house. Because those are the rates. I already checked. That is what internet costs if you don't have it. True, if i did that i would be bringing internet to my "huge" community of about 3000 people. The hero!

But, sarcasm aside, you can already see why the phone company isn't going to do it.

Each of us pays about 30 euros per month in internet fees. This is about 90 thousand euros per month.

Since we're about 3000 people even if all of our money was going to be "put aside" to move to fiber optics, there were no fees there was no people to pay for maintenance customer service and whatever. Even if pits did not have to follow geography and could be put in a straight line, even if no unforeseen problems would ever to be found in the road from the fiber optics pit to here (last time they found a roman villa, that had stopped an entire construction site for 6 months while the history preservation committee tried to decide how to build around that and the construction workers still had to be paid and the engineeers had to be re-paid to make a new project)... even in optimal conditions we're currently paying each month about 180 meters of cable.

We should be done paying for the fiber optics switch in about... 11 years and one half.

Even if we account for the last 3 years... That's still 8 and one half years to go.

At which point the phone company will make us upgrade to fiber which will net the phone company.... 50 euros per month.... to upgrade to whatever will be the next new thing that will be around by then.

If we will still be paying what are the current rates.

But internet prices go down and we get less and less service because maintenance and customer service and everything still has to be paid by the landline company.

But if i want to follow artists the only way is to either babysit the computer by constantly reloading pages that fail to load or load improperly, due to... welllll... apparently pages weren't designed to be loaded in batches of 30 at 120 kilobytes per second.

So either i open one link.

Wait for those 10 seconds for the page to load.

(if the page is only 1 megabyte... which it is but only if i use adblocks, otherwise it's about 1.5 to 2 megabytes)

Then open a second link.

Or i use a scraper which does the same thing and still blocks ads, only it does all alone and overnight and auto-retries pages that have loaded improperly due to the packet loss or whatever other problem was there.

I agree that this is stealing. I just want to explain why i am forced to do it.

The problem with 120 kilobytes per second (1 whole megabit) is that you can do work with it (emails still are "useable" with an upload of 16 kilobytes per second even if you use webmails) but you cannot "enjoy" internet with it.

So i have to use a scraper to download webcomics and i have to use a program to download youtube videos. And if i want to use skype i have to stop everything that i'm doing.

Which is why i am grateful somebody invented patreon.

So either i read a few comics per day and then start actually working or i download those comics overnight and then read them quickly in the morning and then start working.

Yesterday... let's see... yesterday i downloaded 5 comics of the 26 that are in my future to read list. And 17 of the ones that i download daily. One from the 35 pages i had to open manually. If i had to open all those 378 pages manually, assuming using adblock thus just 1 megabyte per page in average that would amounth to 3780 seconds. Thus about a little over 1 hour just to open each page and read nothing, with infinite reflexes and a reaaaly focused mind. That is: in ideal conditions.

It already takes me an hour to scan quickly the webcomics i already downloaded to notice those 17 pages and thus when just checking which folders have updated. You can see where i'm going.

So i chose to steal and then pay pack via patreon whenever possible. The "second option".

You might say that i should stop following sooo many comics. But yes.

What else can i do? I'm a disabled person that has to stay in bed half of the day on a good day.

Watch TV? Sorry, i prefer webcomics, also i prefer working since, as i said i'm disabled and cannot wrok the full 8 hours straight in a row most of the times.

And while i still am an engineer and i do make decent money with my engineering work (luckily somebody else invented photovoltaics)...

...Because "all" i have to do is make projects....

...And i have my nice computer to do so...

...I just cannot enjoy internet "properly" like many people do.

True, i could move 25 km to the city where they already have internet.

Except here i have an home which was paid by my parents, over there i would have to pay 700 euros of monthly rent.

So either i spend 500 euros of patreon and then download comics with a scraper or 700 euros of rent and then download comics at 10 megabytes per second and get all the viruses i could get by removing the adblocker from the comics i follow.

Also... yeah, at least, since i'm a disabled person, here i can pay for a person to help me about 25 euros per hour for the 8 hours they have to help me clean the house and whatever i need at the moment.

In that city the rates are 35 euros per hour minimum.

So... there's also that.

I was rude. True. Sorry about that. I hope i've explained my situation better.

As i said. I still want to make my one time donation of at least 20$ and help you pay for your internet fees. So for now, until i've been able to read your comic properly i'm paying 1$ per month. And if you've got a paypal i'll send you the money there.

While writing the above i ran the scraper, so with a minimal internet connection usage (i was writing text on notepad++) i can already confirm that in 2 and one half hours since i started writing that message the scraper has just finished checking all the comic pages. The whole process takes about 2 hours and one half to complete, so yes... those numbers i wrote above? The "1 hour 3 minutes" ideal world condition to open all the comics at 10 pages per second with adblock... just is not real. A scraper is machine efficient and only reloads bad received files. And even it cannot do the work in less than 2 hours and one half, (just the front page in most cases) with my landline. Sooooo yeah. There's that.

Sorry to all people i scrape. Whenever possible i try to subscribe on patreon.
  • Listening to: Unreal 2003/4 soundtrack
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  • Playing: ... have ... no ... time ....
  • Eating: crap from cafateria, bars or pizzerias
  • Drinking: same as above


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Simone Pietro Spinozzi
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Wallpaper of choice: varying steadily
Skin of choice: uhm... my skin seems fine, taking it off would make a bloody mess ^_^
Favourite cartoon character: XJ-9
Personal Quote: "put dragons and/or robots in it and i'll buy it!"


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