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Anyone have any thoughts, experience, and opinions on this?
(not necessarily on Me, but what's mentioned) ..I'm just curious :)

I find it really interesting and intriguing that I read about vampires recently on an Indigo (children, souls, auras, etc) site. (The Indigo Life Center)
I think back to when I first became fascinated by vampires, they really evoked a strong feeling in me, something really drew me to reading about them, then reading about them I started seeing some similarities, but didnt want to Call myself a vampire, I just noticed some significant things, like pertaining to my then-worsening health problems and my energy, life force/chi/prana deficiency, and my sensitivities to others energy, how drained I feel around crowds, etc... some things just seemed to fit, but some didnt.. and I kind of gave up on that theory.. even though part of me believes there's a reason I was interested in it in the first place, and a reason so much of it fit.

Western Medicine couldnt figure me out, only put a  depression label on me(which i do have, but its not Everything) ...Even with my alternative therapies though, there was never an answer, never a Reason.. Why Me!? Why am I contacting every little virus and big virus, why am I getting so ill from this world, the environment, the people's energy, etc.. why?
So I kept searching, and after many years I started reading about the Indigo Children, and Adults(which Im technically an adult), and even the Crystal children, and reading about all of these different "Energy and Aura Types" things started to really click with me, who I feel I am inside and haven't been able to express or even trust, myself. I've always felt very different, always been the "strange" one, and I mostly didnt know Myself because I was always wanting and trying to fit in.
Energy effects me tremendously, I know and believe and have proven that now, its amazing, and I know it's really been hurtful to me for many years probaly compounding all of my many illnesses,etc, and I'm now gaining tools, skills, and knowledge about how to manage this issue.. I know I can use these sensitivities and psychic abilities to my advantage, to help with my own healing and to help others.
Is it coincidence that I ran across an article connecting vampires to Indigos and other "newer" aura color/personality/sensitivity traits (Im not sre if I'm saying this right, but Im trying)

I was actually.. shocked, then.. relieved! to see actually two different articles.

It's funny how I do have a bit of an issue about people putting lables on the children like Indigo, Crystal, Star, Rainbow, etc etc... but... vampires/vampyres seem to have a definite label.. I wonder what the vampire community thinks when they hear about the traits of the Indigos(and all other labeled children coming into this world)..?
Cause I see many connections, and many "aha" feelings come up for me, like... I was always on the right track, cause it brought me right back around to..vampires.. interesting.

So, going by labels, who knows if I'm a Vampire, Indigo, Crystal, Light Worker, ... Im just me! and going by everything I read about these topics, I'm a lot of each one. I'm not one or the other.
I still dont know the answer to "why me?" but I have a better idea of "why my energy is being so effected"
Maybe it's not a bad thing though, maybe its just an early warning of what this world is doing to us with all of the negative junk we're swimming in and breathing in, its effecting us beyond what most people comprehend, and I may just be a bit more sensitive to it all, maybe My being so ill from it is a part of a warning to humanity to start opening their eyes, make healthy changes, and create a better place for us to live and exist..? (not just me, Im not the only one by far)

(vampires stated here are not in the fantasy, movie-vamp, immortal, etc make-believe traits, but the Real Human Living Vampire traits) though they do have some overlapping similar traits,heh.
I'm no expert on anything spoken of here, so these are just thoughts, and I wouldnt be able to answer questions about facts either.. just an observation that stirred some thought on my part.

Thanks for taking a look, it wasnt really thought out beforehand.

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