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Vinyl Scratch Plushie

DJ pony/Vinyl Scratch Commission c: With my newest update to my pattern. She stands a lot better now, though laying down is a bit more awkward.

I tried everything to get her glasses to stay, but finally just shoved a pin in it and called it a day. Maybe next time I'll try some magnets glued inside or something.
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Hii! May I ask if you are in commission? Or when you will be?
Nightmare-Loon's avatar
aww X3 Emote :eeeee:  so cute and perfect 

gif in reply to your plush :3 --->…
Silvan-Orion's avatar
I keep throwing my wants at the screen for this one.
Jamestempesthooves's avatar
Really nice!do you take commissions?
hotgirlz1100's avatar
OMG that frontal face shot is 100% show accurate. Every other plushie mess up front angle How do you make it 100% show accurate?
WolfieSnow's avatar
Maybe velcro on the glasses?
VinylScratch23's avatar
So. Much. WANT!!!! :heart:
Xintetsu's avatar
FFF soooo many levels of want it's over 9000!
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Beautiful~! When I did a DJ Pon3 I used a pipe cleaner to bend it and make it stay. Maybe you can do that? it wouldnt show. :/ I do like the laminated paper though. So shiny~!
ButtercupBabyPPG's avatar
Ohh that's not a bad idea though! :) I think I'll probably use magnets next time though so they can stay adhered to the plushie while cuddling. But if else fails, I'll keep it in mind!
anotherclichejrocker's avatar
Id go with magnets too. Glad I could help~! :heart:
SgtSteffie's avatar
Are you open for commissions? I am looking for Vinyl Scratch and I love what you did with her! Please message me!
ButtercupBabyPPG's avatar
Not right now. But I do have another Vinyl commission planned. So once I get these Fluttershys done I'll be working on her next, so I would be more than happy to take you up on that offer then c: If you could, could you please send me a note for my records so I know when to notify you? Thanks!
RainbowDash1311's avatar
She's beautiful how and what pattern did u use
EonGenesis's avatar
SO MUCH WANT!!! o_o"
Splendid23's avatar
Nicely done. :thumbsup: Are you open for commissions, by any chance?
January3rd's avatar
Wonderful, you got the head down perfectly. If I only knew how you did that...
Higginstuff's avatar
This is adorable! ^-^ I love it!
M3TAL617's avatar
Amagawd, this is the greatest and bestest plushie evar! So much want!
Asmallbox's avatar
Hnnnnn. So Much Want. <3
Fallenpeach's avatar
She's gorgeous! :'D Love the mane and tail :heart:
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I've always liked the idea of magnets sewn into the plushies for certain things, though you need to make sure that they're reinforced well and especially that the poles line up for what you're trying to do. (Imagine Shining Armor and Princess Cadence plushes that always averted faces instead of kissing!) Goggles are tougher with the thinner material to work with. For a minute I thought cutting up a sticker-type 'fridge magnet (the advertisement ones) to use on inside edge of goggles and real magnet inside would work, but sticker magnets actually resist strong magnetic fields. (They don't even stick to hard drive magnets, which are immensely powerful.)

Well, a pin isn't so bad, and you'd have to take the goggles off to let a kid play with her anyway. ;)

Oh yeah! You did a wonderful job shaping her and stitching her together. I have to admit that I'm a bit spoiled by so many plushies from various makers, but the fact that she's soft, close to model, and especially that she's posable makes her a lot more charming.
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