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Tree Hugger Plushie

I'm so so glad I got to make her! She was really fun to make, though her hair was a lot harder than I expected...98 pieces total. So I'm probably not going to be making another for quite a while, ahah.

She is 14 inches tall hoof to head. Her cutie mark and eyebrows are done with machine applique, so they are fuzzy! She is made of minky fabric, and has a rotatable neck.

She is a commission and not for sale!
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Where can I go to purchase one of these treehugger ponies??
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How much did you charge for her? I would REALLY love to get one.
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suprisingly more functional than an SFM model 
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*gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp* if its on sale (with copies for everyone...) I want it so baaad. o3o
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I was just looking at this plush again - I honestly think it's my favorite MLP plush made by anyone, ever. Your work is truly lovely.
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idk but this pony look on drugs... idk why..Weed :rainbowfrog: :mlgmontage: doge weed doritos mountain dew 
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Amazing! If I commision you a plushie, how much will it cost?
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This plush is.......righteous.
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Hi,From where did you get her eyes? Thanks
ButtercupBabyPPG's avatar
I drew and digitized them.
SiamchuchusPlushies's avatar
Very talented. Can I buy from you?
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So cute! I'm super happy I got to meet you at bronycon and take a plushie panel with you! That was my favorite part of the con! <3
ButtercupBabyPPG's avatar
Daww you are so sweet :heart:
gracebeetle's avatar
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Aw I want one so bad! >.<
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Digging into her positive vibes, man ;)
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Like, far out man, I'm digging her positive vibes :D
HotDigidyDemon's avatar
Incredible! 100% accurate, I can't see how it could get any more amazing.
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She looks so perfect!  =D
98 pieces, though!  :o

Great job on her!
nicepurplepony's avatar
Oh My Gosh i want so so bad 
GothGurl504's avatar
she is so gorg~ :heart: You're so talented! :D 
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Weedpon plushie Better come with sum plushie weed !
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