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Sonata Pony Plushie with Taco, Socks, and Hoodie

Will you share this taco with me?

She's finally finished! Commissioner requested I turn her into a unicorn, as I originally made her an earth pony. She's 14 inches tall from hoof to top of head, has a rotatable head and comes with removable hoodie, socks, necklace, and taco.

Also I know she's a siren, but ponies are just way cuter.
She is not for sale.
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strongbad-joe132's avatar
(Tf2 Soldier voice) "It's perfect!":D
Genbe89's avatar
thats so precious and adorable
DaMLPComicMastah's avatar
I feel... OHNO BYE... the stockings man...
PinkyPie25800's avatar

I personally think of Sonata as a Pegasus, but each to their own :) She's adorable as any type of pony!
Mag-Hauru's avatar
How much cost in PLN?
mlplover1432's avatar
is she for sale if so how much???
verolesh's avatar
she is mad adorable :3

just her = cute
hoodie = cute
taco = cute
socks = cute
and all together = cuteness overload
AlexdoesMinecraft93's avatar
Can you make me a commission? I'd just really want Twilight w/ accessories (like for Twilight, her crown, her scepter, and her BFFL Smarty Pants)
HimeGabi's avatar
wow that is some quality sewing. 
MuffinQueeny's avatar

I am sorry for yelling, but I love tacos beside muffins.

Evilnightbird's avatar
So awesome! How do you make her look so good? I sooo want her! <3 
dantoon00's avatar
I like your bear, but I would like to know how to make eyes
ShonataBeata's avatar
Sonata looks so ADORABLE like this. I want that plushie.
HotDigidyDemon's avatar
I think my heart just stopped. Sonata is TOO adorable.
fireflytwinkletoes's avatar
I've commented on her before, but I was looking at her again and felt the need to let you know that this is one of my favorite pony plushes of all time - the execution is flawless on every level!
ButtercupBabyPPG's avatar
Daww you are too kind XD Thank you :heart:
queendagi's avatar
Omg that is soooo adorable!! Is there an Adagio one like this also?? Free Sonata Dusk icon Request-free Adagio Dazzle icon 
RandomPandamau5's avatar
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