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Nightmare Night Contest - Echo the bat pony

Finally finished her! Well, mostly at least. I still want to make a few tweaks, and make her some accessories (a top bat hat and some magnetic fruit) but I'll save that for tomorrow.

She's 13 inches tall and her eyes, cutie mark and teeth glow in the dark (in color I might add). I got permission from her creators to make and sell this plushie.
She's been sold to DeadParrot22!

Update: Added her hat and mangos!
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i want it cause it so cute
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TehAcidTripper2014's avatar
I don't care about MLP, but i like this plushie.
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Cuteness overload!
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You, sir/madam; get over....9000 MANGOS!!!!!.....oh, and this hat; that say's: Top Kek ( for teh lolz :3)
okay, this is highly realistic when compared to the show if that makes any sense. How much?
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That is so cool how her teeth and eyes glow! That was a creative idea. What kind of material is it, if you don't mind me asking?
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Kinda curious. I've recently just started looking into Echo, but then while looking I've found other batponies wearing the "top bat" hat as well. Was that started with Echo, or is it just like a running gag between batponies?
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whether the toy is for sale on ebay
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Dang! :icondatassplz:
I love that her eyes, teeth, and cuties glow in the dark!! That's so super duper cool! :iconexcitedpinkieplz:
I love everything about her! Wow! From her adorable accessories, to just, her!! :love:
How long did she take you to make? And was she difficult?
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She was definitely one of the more challenging plushies for me. My embroidery machine REALLY didn't like the glow in the dark thread so it kept breaking it. Her wings also turned out to be harder than expected to make, but overall she was really fun to make and it was nice to see her finally done. I had to resist the urge to cuddle her.....XD I might make another one for myself one of these days.
XquiizitGam3r's avatar
Oh! I'm sorry to hear! ^^;
She is one beautiful plush though, she turned out amazing! :heart:
I would have had to have cuddled her! :iconchuuplz:
And that would be awesome! I know I would make one for myself too! :D
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I wish I had moneys...
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The mango... the hat... 10/10
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She's so perfect! Awesome job!
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She's cute! n_n Also, neat idea on the glow-in-the-dark eyes, cutie mark and teeth.

Specially the eyes, just imagine those eyes staring at you... at night :P
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Oh, 3/4 view eyes are exactly the same shape as profile view eyes! (and usually tend to look better) I did draw this one myself though, so I'd encourage you to do the same.
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Where did you get multiple shades of glow threads? I've only able to get a few different ones.
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I actually colored them with markers. :)
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Cleaver! Inventive!
I was starting to think you may have double threaded with glow and normal, but that can cause a jam.
I should have thought of that. ^^ll I've been playing with glow thread for months now and that never once accured to me. ^^ll
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