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Flutterbat Beanie with Faux Fur Hair - SOLD

"Don't you dare touch my apple."

She is now sold. c: Thank you for all who showed interest!

She is 8 inches tall standing from hoof to ear tip and out made of shannon minky and soft luxury shag faux fur for her hair. Her eyes are embroidered with blacklight thread, so it's color is very vivid, as well as glows red under blacklight (I've not tested it myself though). Her wings and tail are wired with chenille wires and are poseable. She comes with a normal sized plush apple as well as a magnetic tiny apple.
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Oh my god, I would do anything for this adorableness!!!!
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lol :D That's one is just great! Clap 
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i'm new here. she is really cute. she is sold. is she still available like more stock?
Property-of-SHIELD's avatar
Omg kill me this is the CUTEST THING I've ever seen OuO
FluffyPlesiosaur's avatar
This is just too adorable, I'm in love with the long hair! And the photo of her hugging that big apple is incredibly cute!
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She just look adorable... Would you make 1 if I request? Ha ha, just kidding.
Copper-Bloom's avatar
SO cute! *throws apples at screen* :happybounce: 
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Awww so cute! You're REALLY good at plushies.
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aww saw this somewhere on the internet and followed the source and suddenly finds out it's sold... ;n; nuuuuuuu!
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omg do want, that's adorable!
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Is so cute and also so fury!
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ITS SO FLUFFY!!!! <3 <3
DrPeteVenkman's avatar
*cautiously pets the Flutterbat beanie plushie o.o...cute though. Extremely likable, amazing and very well done. Five stars!
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Hey may I ask how to get the faux fur to be so long? :'D I have a hard time finding lengths past an inch or so here ^^;
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What about the magnet in her mouth?
Summer30's avatar
Ok I am cracking up about the whole "Don't you dare touch my apple" line.
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That is amazing! Damn you for selling her before I got here. Ahh well, Guess I'll have to follow you closely from now one. *stares at you with creepy Sombra eyes* Yeeeeees, Pluuuuuuuuushieeeeeeeeesss. :D
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Delightfully cute and creepy. Here's hoping the fruits of your labor will be truly ripe! :boo:

Gimme a break here!
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That is the cutest thing ever, I so want one!
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