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Commission for :iconzowiestardust-mlp: of her OC Star Struck:…
The bigger bat is about 10.5 inches, and the tiny bat beanie is 6.5 inches.
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How much would a pony oc same size as the little bat beanie cost?
MLPMidnightFairyTale's avatar
How much was this exactlly?
TrishaLoveMouse's avatar
cute I love bat ponies
Seaninmate's avatar
can u make me a custom pony plushie please
glazinq's avatar
I dont think she takes requests from random people try to commission her 
Lorna-RoseFoX's avatar
Lovely colours and sweet looking OC :heart:
Rap-Monstah's avatar
wow you have some amazing embroidery there ; a; how do you do it, omg.
Philaharmonicai's avatar
Your plushies are so smile inducing! Star Struck is just gorgeous in your style - both big and tiny! Lovely, soft colors - the vibrancy of the blues against the purples and golds is just beautiful. And those eyes! They pop so well and feel like you are really looking into a living bat pony. Just absolutely lovely colors and all so clean and pristine.

The pattern is wonderful - in love with the sweetly crafted muzzles and the ears. Just a wonderfully designed OC and interpretation to plushie form. And the wings are phenomenal from every single angle - especially from the front view!

Great, great job as always! What a delight to see two perfectly plushified ponies together and looking so good!
checkers's avatar
AWESOME. those eyes, those wings! the details in the tails! love these :D :D :D
DeadParrot22's avatar
Oh wow, they're both so adorable!
Fantastic job on both of them!
i really love the wing details!
Prince-Polaris's avatar
They're so adorable it HURTS!
Why haven't i found u sooner :/. Very good job, :)
Owl-Parchment's avatar
I like the smaller one a bit more. They are both so beautiful!
HappyKittyPlushies's avatar
SO CUTE!! They both came out amazing sweetie <33I love your pony style <33
Crazypurplebat's avatar
Oh how much I am in love with your work! I want a pony from you so bad! 
Serenity-Sama's avatar
Cuuute, I love your ponies!
SuzuOngaku's avatar
So cute! :3 I want them both!
CobaltGriffin's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous and completely amazing. The details and everything is so awesome.
buttsnstuff's avatar
Incredible! Your ponies are so undeniably adorable ^^ 
NazFX's avatar
Your work is just too gorgeous Buttercup. I'm in love XD
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