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22 by Butter-T

Hello. - 0 - + /

I just updated Gumroad, If you want my old works, you can purchase them on Gumroad. < My gumroad < My patreon

Gumroad 06 copy by Butter-T

Hello. I haven’t update Gumroad for a while. When someone reminded me about it, I start upload them yesterday, and it was done now. If you want my old works, you can purchase them on Gumroad, the link below. (It’s updated until January’s Rewards)  <  < 

As for February’s Rewards, I am still working on it. It was very late, but I want to make it the best I can than skim over it. (Though I was already late, I’m still nitpicking. ; v ; ) I’m very sorry about this.  

Reward - 2016 11 November copy by Butter-T

Reward for this month are completed. There are up to 10 drawings this month and almost all of them are Full CG. It will be totally worth it for those who supported me. I also put quite a lot of effort into these too. 

Rewards for this month includes: 
- Yaia
- Tsuyu Asui
- Elfs VS Orcs
- Izmir
- Takagaki Kaede
- Lily
- Iowa
- Demon
- Miru
- Bunny

Although they are done, but I will need 1-2 days to prepare the files, including upload Live Streams' video. (There are 32GB of videos this time. So many!!)

Gumroad 02 by Butter-T

   Update Gumroad for August's Rewards.
If you're wondering about September's Rewards, I plan to upload into Gumroad 1 month after sending to Patreon.

   My friends suggested me to upload to both sites at the same time will be easier to sell.
But for me, I want those who supported me on Patreon to get special treatment.

(Like, getting the drawings before anyone else). It may sound childish, but someone like me can think only this much.

If you're interested to purchase the past rewards,
please see the link below. ;

NSFW Fanart Poll - June 2016 copy by Butter-T

Poll for June: "Overwatch!!"

The poll for this month is a bit earlier than usual because I have quite a lot of works needed to be done. (Maybe amount of this month's reward might decrease a bit too. Sorry in advance)

This month's theme is the game "Overwatch" that I'm currently into it until I almost ruin my working hours. (LOL)

- Rules -
1. 1 vote per person
2. Character with highest vote will be drawn into cute girls. No need to worry about seeing metal things. (LOL)
3. The poll ends on June 10's midnight (UTC +7.00)

Those who haven't try the game, please give it a try. Even me who get dizzy with FPS games find this game fun. If you see me online, you can invite me to join. > w <…

Reward - 2016 05 May copy by Butter-T

This month I drew quite a lot, usually there are only 4-5 pictures only. This month has 9! This month is really worth it for my Patrons (LOL)

Now the rewards are done. Please give me some time to prepare the file, it should be ready for sending within 1-2 days. I'm sorry for being late this month.

PS. This month is also a bit special. Those who supported me will get video files that I was doing Live Streaming on Picarto too. You can download them and watch the playback. (Sometimes I forgot to record it too, so I asked from other who recorded for me) It should be fun watching it, unless my voice irritates you.

700 by Butter-T

I have open Tumblr. I just start using it, so there isn't anything much inside. Please visit it, and I will try to improve it. > w <) <<

New Pledge copy2 by Butter-T

   It has been half a year since I started Patreon, so I think it is

time for me to improve my Patrons System. This improvement is based on other

Creators and suggestions I received.Which leads to new Tiers as shown in a picture. (I wasn't into some gacha game. Believe me! (*avoid eye contact*))

Description for each Tier:

  • - (Access to patron feed) This will allow you to see posts that were

locked for Patrons only.

  • - (Access to the NSFW fanart polls) This will let you vote in

various polls. One vote can affect the result! Take a look at my recent poll.

  • - (Access to NSFW [Only Nude]) You can see nude drawings, but no

intercourse, or cum. This is suitable for those who like nude drawings but

dislike intercourse action. This is light NSFW for beginners.

  • - (Access to NSFW [All]) You can see every kind of NSFW, nude or

intercourse. If you want all CG Set, this is the one for you.

  • - (Access to Manga) In future, I will draw manga too. For those who

support in this Tier will get to see the manga that I drew.

  • - (High-resolution images of all contents) Normally, those drawing

posted on websites are small and low resolution (72 dpi). Those who support in

this Tier will receive big and high resolution (300 dpi) file too.

  • - (PSD file and illustration processing steps) In this Tier, you

will get the steps that I use in each drawing. You can use these as references

and study my work. I like to look at these steps too, it looks like I can see

drawing procedures from start to end.

  • - (Commission for You!) This is like taking commission. I will draw characters

(Original Characters or Fanart) in color. However, it will be half body and no

BG. For now, it is limited to 1 person only. I will open more when ready.

   Today, I want to inform you the adjusted Tier/Rewards in advance. I

will change them on May 10th. Please consider which Tier you want to support

while waiting.

   Last but not least, I hope you will still support me, so I can

continue to draw erotic drawings (LOL). Thank you very much.

Gum by Butter-T

 Now i have uploaded the rewards for Feb and Mar on to Gumroad. If you missed tho rewards, you can get them there.

NSFW Fanart Poll - 2016 April copy by Butter-T

Hello everyone. Here is NSFW Poll for April!!

This time, it is 2 in 1 poll where you can vote 2 polls in 1 vote, and I will draw following the result of these 2 series.

Fate/Grand Order and Monster Girl Encyclopedia

The rule is easy, choose 1 character from each series (1 Blue, 1 Red)

(Ex. Sheilder, Flow Kelp)

[Fate/Grand Order]

Shielder [Matthew Kyrielite]

Saber [Nero Claudius (Bride)]

Archer [Orion]

Lancer [Scathach]

Rider [Medb]

Caster [Tamamo no Mae]

Assassin [Jack the Ripper]

Berserker [Nightingale]

Ruler [Jeanne d'Arc]

[Monster Girl Encyclopedia]

Flow Kelp


Ren Xiongmao







I will count the votes on April 9th's midnight.

Which character would you like me to draw? Give me their names. Hope to hear for you. >w<

PS. This poll is limited to Patrons only. > w < /…

Gum by Butter-T

I have upload all my works on Gumroad.

Those who missed my works can find them there.
I'm sorry for taking long time to upload them.
I will try my best to do it as soon as possible starting next month. > w < 

Gumroad Cover by Butter-T

    Hello. After testing Gumroad yesterday,
I think I can start it officially today and I have uploaded October's rewards already.

    After this, I will gradually upload works from Patreon, commission, or some others.
If you're interested in it, please take a look.


I have open patreon. however, there is no content yet,
I will try my best to put up some good contents. I hope i can get your support.

Head Copy by Butter-T
Commissions are Open
Commissions - Open by SweetDuke 

Paypal: Commissions stamp by Cute-Stamps 

Commission price, 1 colored character + simple BG is $120-$150
If add character(s) into the picture, it will be additional $45 per character. (
The price is depend on detail)

...Pharoah... by Butter-T 
...Lava Golem... by Butter-T   ...Harpy... by Butter-T  ...Jinko.... by Butter-T  ...Lamia... by Butter-T

And I can draw rated 18+ without any problem.(because I love to draw Hentai!!)

Can Do:

Fanart from any anime, game or comic
Original character

Can't Do:

torture sex
Animal and anthro
Difficult perspective of structures

Thank you for watch and Support me. ^ V ^) +