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urza2 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015
Muscle and height growth and/or transfer is my favorite
StackBeef Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015

Prologue: Modern day evolution. Feminist wins.

First of all, ''feminist wins'' is a Counter strike reference.

Story: Inspired by robto's close encounters at the part where the little alien male tells a story about the evolution of males and females.

Please, note that i got nothing against feminists. In fact, i respect what they stand for, i'm just not a follower.

For the characteristic physic of both men and women, please, see this thread. Note that you don't have to rely on my other thread, you can do what ever you want.


Title: Modern day evolution. Sub title: Feminist wins.

The men are still the most dominant creature. All the women in the world are now true feminists. Equality is here in human rights, but not yet physically. Also, where feminist reigns, violence no longer really exist. That also mean guns no longer exist in this day and age; they all got burned in a giant pile.…

The feminist are not satisfied, it's not enough. They wish to be equal to men in every way possible. A woman in sport can't compete against men, but they are still allowed to join the NBA, NHL, NFL, UFC to go up against men and more. It's a dangerous game, but they're not afraid. It takes hard work to gain the equality they always reached; especially for them since they're women after-all.

Men are lazy in nature. Women are the complete opposite of that. Yet, men are still better in general.

One day, in 2145, the men have become even more lazy all together. After each generation, it gets worse and worse. They don't eat their salad, they mostly eat unhealthy fast-food. The reason none of them are fat is because, they play video games, they watch animes and they troll on the Internet all day so less time to eat. 
they have become so lazy that they no longer wish to make kids with a woman. They're too afraid of the word ''responsibility''. 
As a result, after each generation, their average height become smaller and smaller and they're weaker(from 5'0 to 5'5 max). Because of their terrible state of evolution, even a man who chose the healthy path, he remains small and weak with no way for him to bench-press anywhere above 120 lbs. 

For the women, they're the opposite of men. They only eat healthy, but because of their wish to become equal in everyways, they eat more often per days in large quantity healthy only, they visit the gym every single day, they sleep not 9 hours a day, but 13 hours a day because sleeping good is even better for the body. The women no longer watch TV, they are no longer on facebook. They no longer do porn. In fact, the only porn you can find online is manly porn.
As a result, after each generation, it's not so rare to see a woman reach 10 feet tall. Their average height is the lowest possible which is still high. They go from 7 feet tall to 10 feet tall. 

They shouldn't even be satisfied because they go completely against what they stand for which is equality. They now have surpassed the men in every single thing. 
They're now taller, stronger, each one of them are smarter, and basically, compared to a man, they're like demi-goddesses. They're even strong enough to lift a car as if it was a couch(or more powerful? Your wish).

We are now to a point where men are sush a sub class compared to women that they now have their own sport league, just like before, but they're no longer the main attraction. Males and females no longer attend the same school since it would be far too easy for a little girl to bully a little man. In fact, a 7 years old girl is already taller and stronger than a man.
Since this is a world where equality reigns, man and female still have the right to participate in any type of league or to visit any type of school (so yeah, no man is completely safe lol).

Because of the lack of will-power or the sense of responsibility in men, the rate of the population gets noticeably lower every years because they wish not to make babies according to an online survey for several reasons. In few words, the men do not care about the future, they live in the present. 

The women in the other end have more reason to live for the future since their lifespan has been increased by an other 20 years in average and they never end up looking old. They never have to visit a doctor as-well. The state of their hearth is the only reason they can still die naturally with time at 120 years old.

Because of how lazy and how weak the men has become, the feminist now see themselves as truly the superior creature. The men are so inferior, that the system is a lot more in favor for them. They no longer need to work and the women must pay tax money mostly in the men's favor. The women don't mind that at all. They're powerful afterall and the opposite of lazy. In return, the system allows them to chose any men they wish to marry and the man cannot refuse.
It's the same way for men, remember, equality reings. A man can chose any woman partner and marry her while she can't refuse (but the women are so powerful in comparison that a men would not dare).

This new law was made to encourage man into making babies. While they're allowed to say no for sex, the women are so damn beautiful that they can't resist anyway. After all, they must do what they can to repopulate the world. On paper, the plan was perfect. In reality, it was a mess, literally. 
The men have become so light while the woman so heavy, that in the bed, the first victim got sentenced by death by snu snu accidentally 1 hour after the new law in marriage too place.
This incident went viral. The women in question did not go to jail since it was an accident. 

Yet, all the men around the world were too afraid to have sex. In order to not suffer the same fate, they had to be strong. This mean, resisting the desire to have sex with a woman. 
This was an outrage, but the president(woman) found an other solution; a new law.
You can no longer cover-up your genitals. 
''But, how to survive in the north with no pants? ''someone in the crowd ask.
''No worry'' the president respond. ''We are prepared. Everthing was planned since day 1. We have created the (name) cream that will prevent your skin from getting frosty. In fact, If you put this cream all around your skin, you will feel at home. This mean you can go completely naked outside regardless of the current weather. The rain is not strong enough to wash off the cream. You must take a bath with (name) soap made to wash off the special cream completely''.

A week after, the whole population were completely or half naked. It was way too hard for the men to resist. Before that, they were stronger mentally, but now, it's too much. Everywhere they go, there's a naked 8 feet tall woman walking down the street and they can't look away. They always get their hardon. It's to a point where even in public, you see a man and a woman having sex and there's absolutely no shame in that since most understand that the population of the next generation is in danger. So the plan is to make sex become the norm; not only in close doors.

While the 1 death that went viral do not represent the chance that more might die after sex, it was still an horror and the greatest pleasure for men to think about sex. Per years. In average, 150 men die yearly and the situation never gets better. 
While 150 is not that big of a deal based on the amount of ppl who live in the world. Just the thought the men have in mind before sex is dumbfounded. 
Yet, they still had to find an other solution and it has nothing to do with drugs. They tried that already, but the secondary effect turned-out to be even worse than being injured with pleasure by a woman. 
The only solution left for the men was to masturbate at every occasion. That way, it will reduce their desire to have sex greatly at all time of the day. In fact, even with no woman-porn site, it was easy to take a look outside a window only to see a woman wobble as she walk. One second of sush beautiful sight was enough for a man to erupt in full force. The men become so hard when they see a woman that the cum would get stuck on the ceiling if they aim it upward in their houses.


Again, this is a prologue. I don't know how to go on from there.

All in all, i only wish for this to be about the survival of the human species at the end and the woman must do everything they can to preserve it since the men don't care enough to see this as problem in the future. 

For the next chapter which can be titled as (Survival of the amazonian race), In this part, an organization of amazonian are no longer feminist, they are now supremacist. They will now do absolutely everything it takes to repopulate the world just because they're at a point where there's not much ppl left living. 
Just like malcom X would say, by any means necessary.

This in the end, can lead on to an other chapter which is a civil war. And i got inspired by Marvel Civil war on that. I will think of something along the path. I only wish for the supremacists to win tho just to add an other angle in the continuity.

StackBeef Featured By Owner Edited Nov 13, 2015
Wall of text incoming.

I got inspired by Robto from Amazonix. I really like his stuff, but his last update was in 2012 sadly. There's no sign of him.
If you also wish to be inspired, here's the link for his deviant page and his website.
He makes the best stories, the best sexual scenes and even the best fight scene between woman vs men and women vs women.

Yo, i like giantess, but it's not my favorite theme. I prefer very tall amazons from 7f to 10f. At the same time, i wish for the men to be as small as asian's average height or even smaller.

Problem is, the amazon artist are not the best, not as good as you are and they don't always root for the voluptuous, super ultra over the top thick women like yours. I wish you GTS artists would go for something a little more realistic to the eyes. 
Robto was my favorite poser artist, but there's no sign of him since 2012.

I don't like dwarfs. So if you make small looking men, i don't want them to be all bulked up, i want them skinny and weak(nowhere above 160 lbs pls). No fatties pls. I like bbw, but i don't like to imagine a fat guy in activity with a thick woman. If you make a strong men, it has to make sense. For example, the man must be a farmer or the man must be living among a normal civilization that only includes women with normal height who get terrorized by amazons who only pay visit to steal a man and to own him as a husband in a amazon ritual almost similar to a marriage, but amazon style where the amazon must submit his man into submission only to force him to admit that he is in love and that he must accept his fate. 

Beside that, i like super ultra thick women with small waist, gigantic tits and booty proportionally and a big face, big eyes, big lips and cheeks that makes you feel like they can swallow up your whole face when they kiss you.
It's scary, but arousing at the same time. It's just so hot in everyway possible.

As for the scenario, I only wish for women to be dominant creature of beauty and war.
Men should be sex slaves. Their dick and their tongue should only serve as sex object.
Their live or comfort should not matter that much, but at the same time, i feel pity for the weak men so i don't want them dead unless you can think about something clever and sexy to kill a few of them. Instead, i prefer to see them suffer while the women throw them around, hump on them and when they let the men take over, i want the women to switch up and squeeze them with their tights and tits, but most of the time, unintentionally. Not all women should be aware of how fragile a men is during the heat of the moment(sex),

Finally, back on the women. While i only wish for them to be anywhere from 7f to 10f tall, i want them to be as powerful as giantess. In the modern world, they should be able to lift a car. While women should be evil in general, a few of them should be very gentle with their men.
I always wish for the strongest women of the story to be the heroes of men as-well, the one who always see men as their equal in human rights. I want these heroic women to punish the other big women who like to take advantage of their men. 

As for men again, they should depend on the women greatly, but not because they're stupid. The spoon should be so big compared to them, that only a woman should feed them like feeding a baby.
While possible for them to feed themselves, it should be hard for them to do it alone correctly.
Finally, a woman should be better than men in everything possible, not only strength.
That means, even if the man end up becoming the one who mostly cook stuff for their mistress, when ever a woman decides to cook, it should taste even better.
If there's a pimp it should be an overly protective PimP, as if his men were his babies. So what ever happens to them, she must retaliate somehow. 


Sorry for the wall of text. If you have no problem with that, i can come-up with even more stories. I'm gonna make an other post right after that on the story i had in mind long ago.
picjusbro Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015
Giga and micro.
wwfan Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015
Very nice. More gts capturing sw and sm. Good job
butre3004 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
OnePunchMant Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
You should provide a link in the description. :)
butre3004 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Student Digital Artist
good idea :P
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