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Full view, please. :)

Wanted to draw something fantasy. I put more attention to details this time, but I'm still not absolutely statisfied with the result, I'l do better next time… I hope. :D

Damn, I hate backgrounds, maybe I'll start to draw it one day (when my deviantions will have any idea, except draw to draw).

BTW, feel free to critique, I'd like to get constructive one.
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Lovely work. I think you did a nice job on the detail of her clothing and armor. One thing I notice is that one eye is looking to the side, while the other is looking straight on, which looks strange to me. Also, the right leg looks a bit awkward to me. But overall, you did a really lovely job.
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Looks awesome o.O It would take me ages to reach that quality
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I love the armor. : 3

Althoug the hair look a litlle rigid and her bust have strange shape.
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great job on color O_O
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Thaaanks, I did my best. :D
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good job, i like the colors
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I love elves. Love the details of the armors. Love the way you did the hair.

The only problem with me is the pose. It feels rather awkward. I don't think anyone walks with their left arm and left foot moving forward at the same time, right?

I hope my opinion helps. And sorry if I offend in any way. >.<
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Everything is fine, I didn't see what's wrong with the pose, but now I think I know what is. Thanks for comment, critique is the thing I really need now.
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I really like this one. :D The only things that I would would be, the face doesn't really look that feminine and the fingers look a little stubby. (But what would I know about it...)
:iconthumbsupplz: Good job!
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It's not the first time I get critique on "non-feminine face", so I'll be more accurate next time with it. About fingers: damn, I wonder, how I missed this.
Thanks for comment and remarks. :)
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I have the same problem. I think I draw guys too much...
You're welcome. :D
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